Hi, catty catty!

Did someone say designing calendars are the most daunting tasks ever? Designers often dread doing this because they easily stereotyped it as both dull and staid in execution. To me that is pretty much dried juice in my opinion. See, if you actually pay enough attention to pop culture and trends, you could inject some amazing fun into it. Kate Funk, a Milwaukee-based cat photographer had just launched a cute calendar featuring her cat AC in several quirky and provocative attires. This is the fruition of her collaboration with her roommate, Brendan Groh. What we have here in the pictures are snapshots from what she called ‘The World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. Yes, that’s a mouthful. But i assured you this is probably the most interesting calendar that doesn’t feature holidays or boring post it columns. Love it!

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Unlucky beauty

And they say broken mirrors were considered unlucky or bad omens. Today, what has always been a preconceived notion of being unlucky is seen as an art. Sometimes, I do wonder if artists enjoy teasing the general perception and belief of others to create strong statements. Check out these amazing photographs by New York photographer Bing Wright. Interestingly, the use of broken glasses creates this really nice cracked lines with intricate details. I believe this brilliant execution is further enhance by the imagery it encapsulates as well. Amazing.

Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-1-640x413 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-6 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-5 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-12 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-7 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-9 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-4 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-3 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2


GoPro cameras being one of the emerging trends photographers used to create amazing perspectives in pictures has receive yet another innovative approach. Jonas Ginter, a German photojournalist created an interesting 360° video with the help of 6 GoPro cameras by mounting them atop of his bike. I love what he has created and how the entire experience prove to be rather unique. I remember being a designer, I always loved the spherical images where we lay out visuals nicely in a ring around a circular sphere. Apparently, we can do that in motion now with Jonas’ experiment. What Jonas did was to create a mount from 3D printing and attached the 6 cameras on it. He then went on a bike ride and recorded this interesting video. Check it out.

It’s pizza time!

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The proliferation of hilarious pictures with pepperoni pizza was seen around the internet lately. Jonpaul Douglass, a photographer from Los Angeles got motivated to start a rather peculiar series of photography after seeing a funny pizza graffiti tag at the place where he stayed. He then began taking pictures with actual pepperoni pizzas and have them placed at random locations, objects and surroundings. Coined the humorous “Pizza In The Wild” project, the photographer took pains to hunt for the most suitable looking pizzas around, which he managed to source for at Little Caesars pizzeria at US$5 for a large pizza. Check out more from this interesting photographer by following Douglass on Instagram or check out the hashtag “#pizzainthewild”.


Crowdsourcing has been one of the most widely leveraged approach when it comes to valuable information from the targeted audience, managed at the right cost. Take a look at Pashadelic, a Japanese web service as well as app which aims to provide discerning photographers and photo enthusiasts the platform to obtain images of the best spots on earth where the best pictures can be taken. The service aims to provide fans the platform to share photos and share their most ideal spots for taking such amazingly breathtaking photos. Here are some nice images of Mt Fuji, extracted from the service. These images are simply mind-blowing.

(photos by tsugiur and takuya suda)

pashadelic-mt-fuji-8-651x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-3-648x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-6-581x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-5 pashadelic-mt-fuji-4-651x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-1-654x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-2-646x435 pashadelic-mt-fuji-7-625x435


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Boy, have I not been blogging a lot lately, my schedule is getting pretty insane. Nonetheless, there is always time for Lego isn’t it? Andrew Whyte, a photographer from UK has been quite popular with his unique photography personality. As he brings along this little Lego minifig, he travels around taking interesting pictures from the perspective of the little man. Calling this Legography, he has spurred the interest of many and even led to the proliferation of Lego minifig photographers riding the waves of his success on social photography sites like Instagram or Facebook.

 “As an exploration of mobile photography, the project was very enlightening and quite liberating — to know I could be just about anywhere and still keep on top of things,” says Whyte. Check out more of his stuffs at  Long Exposures.

Shanghai baby!


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Wow. I have been very selective in the kind of stuffs I wanna post on blog as there were really many cool stuffs today, and this really caught my attention. Shanghai is a cosmopolitain city and the fact that it has so many beautiful architectural structures just makes it even more compelling for me. Im an urban man. When I saw photos of the city taken with such depth and quality, I further reassured myself that Shanghai is one my next few destinations. Check out these photos by Wei Gensheng. Wei works as a crane operator on the the Shanghai Tower and mind you, he is an amateur photographer. These wonderful shoots were taken by him. Can you see how beautiful this city is from the ariel view? These pictures are mind blowing. I particularly love the picture with dense fluffy clouds shading the city below from the nice warm sun ray. Fantastic. Wooooot!

Photos of the day

Once again picture editors from The Guardian curates a collection of their hand picked photographs for the day. Some of which evokes so much feeling and portrays so much more depth in the realism they originate from. I would definitely hope you folks would go to their link here for more of the photographs. Again, credits to the photographers and the picture editors from The Guardian.

Mansura, Egypt: Egyptian men inspect destruction following a powerful car b Britanny , France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a Reindeer herder of the Cairngorm Reindee Bethlehem: Pilgrims pray inside the Grotto where Christians believe the Vir Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab amonMumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim f


Credits of photographers featured above:
• Mumbai, India: A man waits for customers to sell candy floss at the Mahim fair
• Mansura, Egypt: People inspect destruction following a car bomb explosion
• Britanny, France: A man walks in a flooded street in Morlaix
• Tacloban, Philippines: A boy with a Santa Claus mask sits on a pedicab among debris left from typhoon Haiyan
• Bethlehem, West Bank: Pilgrims pray inside the grotto where Christians believe the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in the Church of the Nativity
• Aviemore, Scotland: Eve Grayson, a reindeer herder feeds the Cairngorm reindeer herd in a blizzard

Instagram DIRECT

Most of you folks out there would have experienced the new updates from Instagram, allowing you to send direct messages and videos to your peers. This has undoubtedly created quite a buzz, as the social sharing app now enhance it’s offerings to a next new level. While the idea isn’t exactly new, it is pretty much a necessity given the competition of apps that is available. With these features embedded into Instagram, it allows the app to have more versatility and hence, clocked more ‘app-time’ from it’s users. These days, with the increasing amounts of apps, we are spoilt for choices and those who are adventurous enough, would explore multiple apps. As much as one could do, each individual have got a limited amount of time on their smartphone each day, and I would indefinitely want one that has as much integrated functions as possible. For picture sharing social app, Instagram direct nails it.

The 10 best photographs

I refer to a post from theguardian uk today which features 10 best photographs of the day, which in my opinion was really good. Photography can be an addictive hobby and in return it favors those who puts in their hard work to achieve amazing results. A great photographer not only chooses the best time of the day for his shots, he could work his way along so many other minute details that he wishes to include in his work. Every piece of photograph could encompass a story, an emotion or even a message behind it. Check these 10 photographs from theguardian.

sources: http://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2013/nov/07/10-best-photographs-of-the-day

World 517e9f94-f13e-47c3-ab64-e73efb7e1d71-620x372 31373a15-c891-4b24-af4d-6d54ab90e7c2-620x372 Indonesia Volcano 52662586-f198-4608-93a0-a7a0ed83b06e-620x408 1085c11c-d552-447d-ace9-4c7fa418932a-620x407 **CHINA-HAINAN-SANYA-LEISURE(CN) 652b5757-21be-44fd-95d4-c0e40fb38513-620x415 AFGHANISTAN-KABUL-CHILDREN-POVERTY 28f69067-8e18-4b7e-9875-7cdf8d0134cf-620x447