The art of Kyle Thompson

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Kyle Thompson’s work speaks a lot for itself. Nice photography of course, but what it gives is more than what we could fathom. As the saying goes, “You cannot give what you do not have”. This photographer’s work is pretty interesting and he has given us a bit more than the usual. A lot of thoughts goes down your mind as you look at his work. Would love to see more of his stuffs.


MTV it

Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_16 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_14 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_13 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_06 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_05 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_02 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_01 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_11 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_12


Heres some amazing work by Motherbird, a creative agency based in Melbourne. These are really neat design work done up for MTV. I love the use of raw imagery and nice markerish typography. Certainly a new way to see MTV in a different angle. A more rebellious interpretation of the brand. Nice.

Beautiful light captured imagery

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I happen to chance upon an artist’s work on Behance which are extremely beautiful. The images I see reflects a great deal of how light was able to make pictures look so amazing. Some of the shots were dynamic while some managed to capture a different composition of colors. The artist’s comments were:

All these landscapes are photographed in the total dark, i light it up with car light and flashlight. So its a one single exposure shot around 30sec and minimal retouch ( minimal color correction )
These photos are available on 24 x 30 po lamda in serie 25 signer and numeroted. There is also a certificate of authencity. Contact

All in one frame

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Bodenspirale bei Bachalpsee Poorboyz Productions filming session 7

I love how good photographers manage to capture the essence of every movement and detail. Now, we could see all these in one picture. The Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013 photography contest is meant for capturing images in action as well as adventure sports. The ‘Sequence’ category allows participants to feature their work which had images portraying action during sport. It aims to capture the progression of the sport and that the entire story could be depicted in one single frame. This is possible with the GoPro camera. Check out these awesome photos that captures a beautiful scenic imagery accompanied by the actions. They are pretty interesting and a different way to see a picture. I wonder what determines a great action captured photo?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

They say distance makes your heart grow fonder. Now, with technology and simple photography we can keep the distance nearer. A campaign by Pereira & O’Dell for Skype addressed this by working together with Singaporean photographer and visual artist John Clang. They produced 3 short films with John’s ‘projected’ portraits based on the message – “Stay Together”. It enables families to be photographed together, fulfilling the dreams of most of them. These video spots were shot and directed by Station collective Peking. Check out these touching videos.