Pizza movie night

It doesn’t hurt to reward your loyal customers with some good old fashion fun, usually with affordable budget. Im always keen on ideas that pushes boundaries of existing platforms to evolve it further. A good advice for most marketing executives is to leverage old or low tech. Simply because low tech does not equate to low engagement. Crafting a good brand experience can come in the form of ANY available media, platform or tech. Take a look at this awesome initiative by Pizza Hut. They embedded movies which are downloadable via QR codes on four totally different box designs! Furthermore, they are individually characterised as Slice Night, Anchovy Armageddon, Hot & Ready and Fully Loaded. As you probably would imagine, each of these names symbolises a different movie genre. Interestingly, the box by itself is known as the Blockbuster Box. I think this is very cool. The formula to create exciting experience that is very functional to its business, characterizing their boxes and giving their customers variety is a very clever combo. While the practical side of it is argueably quite difficult to pull off without dirtying your phone and the result a rather less ‘hi-res’ movie quality, it’s still a magnificent idea nonetheless. Let’s just hope it improves as the campaign idea moves along.

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Interactive Pizza ordering

It gets a little infuriating when you can’t get dinner served the way you want it. Especially when it comes to pizzas, there are a variety of choices and combinations apart from the standard menu options. For the discerning few, they know their pizza and it is always a matter of striking the balance between offering what’s really good versus what’s really in demand. Fret no more, Pizza Hut has recently surfaced a conceptual ordering system with the help from folks at Chaotic Moon Studios. Check out this video. What you will see is an interesting demo of a couple ordering pizzas from an interactive screen. The entire experience aims to simulate a more engaging experience. You get to choose the exact size of your pizza, meddle with the shape, spoilt yourself with the generous toppings and even enjoy a game or two while you wait for your pizzas! If this is the future, why do we still need waiters?