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Beautiful. Design design design. I love how these wonderfully designed postcards parade themselves in these compositions. Intrepid design directions give birth to well crafted creative work. Postcards has always been one of the most ideal platform for artists to work on. Have a look at these designs published by Princeton Architectural Press. The article was posted here.

Music post cards

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UK-based brand communications agency Uniform, piqued my curiosity with their introduction of a device that plays music from postcards. Tapping on this technology known as Printed Electronics, they could print basic electronic circuits and components onto any surface. They worked on Paper Apps making use of paper devices and conductive inks to enable the device to read and interact with the data, information and services.

The beautifully designed cards slots in so nicely on top of this sleek black box device which plays music from the cards. Best of all, users could control the music with functions that is printed on the postcards. They basically allow you to play forward or rewind even. Fantastic invention here. We are looking at a new way to buy music apart from online and the dated CD technology. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit a music shop packed with just postcards of music!