Responsive print ad?

To some people, this might seem a little overrated but I do think it is a rather smart idea from Ogilvy Portugal. Using just basic folding lines, creative work can illustrate the easy peasy way of making websites seemed so fun and responsive. This ad from Correio da Manhã emanates the level of responsiveness of their new website through basic traditional print. How cool is that? I guess it certainly helps to pique some one’s curiosity to actually want to visit the website. Interestingly, this is the sort of work that gets very low recall value but yet triggers high engagement. Nice.

Traditional advertising and it’s beauty


I actually think this ad is beautiful in terms of it’s execution and how succinct it is to communicate the idea across. As easy as one would relate the message to the visuals, the idea of heritage, time traveling and beauty in history has all been illustrated in this visual. Traditional advertising at it’s best. Nice work from Leo Burnett, Hong Kong.