Animal selfies?


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I don’t recall seeing a lot from National Geographic lately, but this new series of interesting visuals are actually quite hilarious. In order to promote the National Geographic Collection for nature images, Brazilian photo agency Diomedia took on a rather interesting approach. They began featuring animals taking selfies. With the most humane poses and oddest locations, these animals unleash their vanity. While print advertising is slowly facing a decline, those that appear generally make an impact.

3D Newspaper



Designing the classifieds isn’t something new. Despite many advertisers being oblivious of such creative approaches towards interesting classified ads, they remained highly effective in their own category. The traffic towards classified ads has steered relatively low, as digital is slowly replacing traditional means of advertising classifieds. However, it is pretty interesting to see something new once in a while. Columbia-based creative director Felipe Salazar did a rather special newspaper ad for Corona Kitchen. What he did was to position the text under certain perspectives where we optically see the ads in three-dimensional. While I wouldn’t say this is an effective strategy, it is certainly a good way to create some freshness.

The Hunter

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It gets exhilarating whenever I see brilliant creative work. As much as I am adamant that creative work should strive to be innovative and experiential, print media has its beauty and continued to be an integral part of the creative implementations. There has been great work from awesome agencies and most often or not, the best work are generally very clear and less subtle on their messaging. Here is an example of a really visually impactful yet clear cut messaging by advertising agency, Heads Propaganda, Brazil, in an effort to warn us of the impending danger when we neglect cyclists on the roads. Respect them, don’t ‘hunt’ them.