Run with me

Love running? I bet you will love having a partner that will not only run with you, but also become a partner to pace you and in this case, out run you! Don’t just beat the clock, beat this robot. The PUMA BeatBot is programmed to run focusing on a lane while it act as a push for all runners aiming to beat their own time. Well, since humans get tired and you don’t always have the luxury to find a sprinting partner, this robot might just be the solution for you! I love this idea simply because it not only taps on technology to better our lives, its actually one step towards health technology. Check out the video as Usain Bolt trains together with it and gives his thoughts on the experience. Nice work by MIT & JWT.

Ink it mommy!

Here’s something that is not your conventional promotions for the moms out there. As creatives, we are trained to ‘think different’ but also to learn to follow the brief and deliver results based on strategy. A lot of times we are limited to the likes of our target audiences and as we get so used to these creative and strategic restrictions, we tend to propose ideas that are not too ground breaking. While I must say breaking away too much can also lead to quite a drastic result. Advertising agency Manga, Sao Paulo, Brazil decides to give mom a special gift. They didn’t want the usual mundane gifts for moms. So they proposed something that is eternal. They wanted to gift moms with tattoos! A project by PUMA, for creating an eternal gift by getting yourself a tattoo as long as you chalk up to 250 dollars in the PUMA shop. This has to be one of the most bizarre yet daring campaigns I have seen so far for this year. It takes a lot of convincing to get a client to actually approve this bold campaign. I highly doubt anyone would shop and impulsively get their body tattooed. But I do pretty much respect the verve and passion of the agency to push this idea through and actually got it sold. Still, respects to the creative team.