Talking window?

Another cool new innovative media for the world has launched yet again. We are seeing more great work from BBDO Dusseldorf. This time, we have a talking window! Tapping on to the technology of a special transmitter that releases high-frequency oscillations which will be converted into sound inside your brain! Meaning to say, people around you won’t be able to hear it except for you. You do not need any acoustic signals or device on your ears, all you need is to lean your head against the glass and the sound will travel into your brain. The technology is also known as bone conduction. Very cool! Brilliant way of passing information in a distinct and interesting manner!



Swedish Radio

One of the factors that influence great media engagement is the power of sharing. Swedish Radio released a campaign lately through the use of an ‘interactive radio player’. It is a responsive platform where users from desktops, tablets and mobiles could all be engaged and share the programs at the same time. Users could do tons of exciting things with it. They could add visuals, upload videos on this virtual realtime timeline. Ultimately it promotes greater discovery and sharing.

This is excellent interactive work done by the creatives from Forsman & Bodenfors. Superb work here guys! I think these days it is good to embrace the fact that digital is what we do offline, now brought online.