Take your time.

If you have seen enough of beer ads, you would have realize the abomination of these ads are the creation of bad scripts, dull storyline and the portrayal of lame male masculinity. While all these still holds true, there are exceptions. Amstel Lager created this TV spot that features quite an inspiring story of a chef on his stride to becoming a great chef. We see the huddles he overcame, the nights he had to burn and the long painful learning process which he endure through. The enervating transformation from a dishwasher to a chef illustrates the perpetual attitude of the male lead. Throughout the video, we see scenes where Amstel Lager is well celebrated. At the end of the commercial, the copy runs across: “Take your time. Slow brewed. Extra matured.” The commercial brings forth the message the importance of quality preceding quantity.

Leave it to the feet

A great way to show the unique selling point of a product is to enhance and emphasize it in a dramatic fashion. You can achieve more fun by injecting a little quirkiness to all that serious product content. We see how this is done in a rather amusing approach by Potato Thins, a cracker chip that claims to be all that crispy, crunchy with flavorful satisfaction. Leaving your hands so busy, only your feet is available for work. I love how they dramatically play with the idea of having your hands busy and making use of your feet to do wonders. Its funny and catches the audience’s attention. Check out the video. ‘Eat It Up’.


Stop checking on the hair, dude.

Driving is definitely sheer pleasure with great german technology. The emphasis on the experience of driving is one which most of us can relate to. That kind of emotional relation draws your clients closer to your brand. There are many ways to explore when coming out with a good creative idea. Whether it is to bang on an idea that shrieks of the brand name, a comparison between brands, a bashing approach or in this case purely on the emotional aspect of the consumer. BBDO has recently done a commercial for Mercedes. We see a guy in his Mercedes-Benz cruising around while he constantly takes a glimpse of the rearview mirror. A nice blend of smoothing music on the background extrudes a sense of calmness while building up a relaxing ambient. We witness joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in him. He gets carried away and eventually something bad is ABOUT to happen. The point to note here is the emphasis on the event that might happen should he continue to skive his attention off the road. Here, we see how the car effectively place him back on track. The commercial ends with the line “When your mind wanders, ATTENTION ASSIST brings it back”. While I have to admit most automotive car commercials could be rather serious and mundane, this is quite cleverly done.

Talking window?

Another cool new innovative media for the world has launched yet again. We are seeing more great work from BBDO Dusseldorf. This time, we have a talking window! Tapping on to the technology of a special transmitter that releases high-frequency oscillations which will be converted into sound inside your brain! Meaning to say, people around you won’t be able to hear it except for you. You do not need any acoustic signals or device on your ears, all you need is to lean your head against the glass and the sound will travel into your brain. The technology is also known as bone conduction. Very cool! Brilliant way of passing information in a distinct and interesting manner!