More than meets the eye

Wow. I was astounded by what i saw. Seeing robots transform on cartoons and movies isnt new to us, but to see it happen live can be quite amazing. The J-deite Quarter’ is a great resemblance to the transformer robot toy line where a vehicle can be transformed to a robot and vice-versa. This five-feet tall prototype robot can literally transform into a sports car and is operated by the user through a computer. A joint project by Kenji Ishida from Japanese company Brave Robotics together with Wataru Yoshizaki from Asatec Corp, the J-deite Quarter’ project by the two work closely with Tomy, the company responsible for the inauguration of Transformers. If you watch the movie towards the end, you would expect to see that the team is going to be releasing a bigger scale version. This is extremely revolutionary and exciting. I would be thrilled to see real life size Gundams!

Robots, assemble!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.57.15 am

Finally!!! The day where robots would compete like gladiators brawling gallantly within enduring walls of the colosseum. Japan’s Prime minister, Shinzo Abe has decided to take robot battles towards a bigger magnitude! He announced to JiJi Press saying he has plans to hold an Olympics catered for robots by 2020. Despite efforts for Tokyo to hold its Summer Olympics in 2020, this new idea of Shinzo Abe should materialise as a separate event. Robot concepts like Gundam spun off from Japan as manga and animations, and it wont be surprising the nation has plans to drill out something as crazy as that.

Awesome AI technology

These days, I have been spending a large part of my time crafting experiential event experiences for a bulk of my clients in the agency. This work comes as a nice inspiration to some of the projects Im working on. One of the amazing technology that was ever created would undoubtedly be the Kinect. London based experimental architecture and design studio, Minimaforms created speculative life-like robotic environment which demonstrates how future driven environments could possibly allow for new forms of communication on a daily basis. The AI adopted by these robots have been created with the ability to learn as well as explore behavioral interaction with people. All these is made possible with the Kinect while making use of data scanning technology from Processing. Generally, it detects physical presence while cameras capture real time streams and processes them with blob tracking together with optical flow analysis to locate gestural activity. What is amazing is that the team also developed more complicated scenarios which made behavior patterns much better analyzed as well as refined. Recently displayed at the FRAC Centre and Theodore Spyropoulos, Minimaforms co-founder and AADRLdirector, will be speaking at the next edition of Resonate festival taking place between 3 and 5 April 2014 in Belgrade.