HOT Bus stop shelters

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi once said that the power of brands is in their ability to trigger emotions within consumers. Emotions is a strong word with the power to trigger an action. And Duracell displays that kind of motivation through their heated bus shelters. In this chilly weather, they brought heat to people using their heat empowered bus stop shelters. A smart idea within a smarter idea. In order for you to activate the heat sensors, they encourage people to ‘connect’ to themselves by holding their hands. As you clamp within the shelter, you experience warmth. Nothing comes close to beating the cold in this weather. Great work from Duracell.

Try and shall know

Another brilliant work from BBR Saatchi & Saatchi worth mentioning. This campaign allows Hummus Alcha, Israel’s No.2 packaged hummus brand to reach out to larger group of people through real product testing. But done tastefully with a great consumer experience. One of the key formulas that is has been used since the 90s involved the idea of giving people something without telling them first and then revealed the secret to the magic only to their astonishment. This gives the brand a chance to reach out to the audience, avoiding prejudice, criticisms and any comparison competition. The brand opened Avi’s Hummus, an authentic-looking hummus restaurant to get people talking about it. It attracted a lot of diners and started the idea of “pay by taste”. Diners were asked to pay according to how much they think the meal deserved. This caught a lot of attention including the media and it soon went viral. After two weeks, the stunt was exposed to the people and launched on TV, print and internet as well as social media revealing the actual formula to this well received hummus restuarant. Indeed, another excellent delivery by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi.