In your direction

Innovations are happening every SINGLE day. This one interesting creation is no exception. It marks the inauguration of the glass speaker technology. Huh, glass? Yes, Turtle Beach has officially made a technological breakthrough by using glass as a form of speaker to project sound. Using what they term as HyperSound Glass, they are able to project what they label as ‘beams of ultrasound’. I thought this was really cool. Check out the video and see how kickass these tech are. I mean the volume isn’t controlled in the video but it fluctuates according to the direction where it projects to. Still in its infant stage, this prototype is already a very impressive concept. These look like they can sit on my small snazzy TV console and still make a statement. That’s a want.


I havent seen much stuff going on lately, which I would deem blog worthy. This is probably one of the less mundane ones out there. I actually think something like this is pretty playful. Get you a little out of your usual zone of things. Its actually a project off Kickstarter right now. The EYEteleporter allows you to view the world at a different angle. Something you wouldnt image. Though I wonder if it does causes one to feel nausea after a while. London-based Juste Kostikovaite created the EYEteleporter as a mask for viewing at different quirky angles. Seeing the world in odd perspectives using basic paper engineering. With simple effective materials like cardboard, mirros and some wood, they created this interesting piece through science. Be sure to check them out!

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Minority Report

Yeah! Things you see on the silver screen is coming to live. A nice article I spotted from DigitalTrends featured this brilliant technology that allows us to control images through hologram technology. Known as the Leia Display System, this gadget is able to project visuals into the space while at the same time giving the user absolute control over these visual elements via hand gestures. So now they have cracked the impossible- a device emitting water vapor, creating a ‘wall’ that allows the projector’s beam to be shine on. Together with some motion detectors, it allows the system to read the user’s instructions. Be it the grab, pinch, swipe, rotate functions, all of the actions are easily available. Awesome innovation.


Screen shot 2013-11-14 at AM 09.48.21

The picture above shows you how dry Mars is right now. The planet could have been much more different than it actually is now. NASA has came out with information concluding that Mars could well be less barren or dusty and actually a lot more ‘moist’. So, four billion years ago, how did Mars looked like? NASA’s Goddard Conceptual Image Lab, provided animators with the information enough to conceive what they think Mars shold look like. Check out the video below to see what it actually would be. What we see is an atmosphere that allowed for water and also great temperature almost ideal for humans. Im actually very curious if human life form ever existed on Mars. In fact, this is an amazing video if it is true that Mars used to be like this. The agency is gathering information and data on Mars’ climate while in the meantime they are preparing for a launch into the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission. Scheduled on the November 18th, the team plans to explore more climactic changes and at the same time unravel the mysteries surrounding the evolution of Mars. What do you think of this interesting discovery?