The bottle of Whiskey

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Where design is concerned, creative work is the combination of great craftsmanship and heritage culture. In an effort to celebrate their long heritage, J&B Scotch Whiskey collaborated with tattoo artist S├ębastien Mathieu to create a magnificent design. The result is a limited edition bottle with very intricate designs. This quaint looking bottle serves homage to the heritage of the age long whiskey tradition. Mostly manual work, Mathieu inked up 25 bottles of whiskey, with each bottle taking up 20 hours of his time. Amazingly, the designs were inked on latex in the color of human skin, simulating the intrinsic value of tattooing. What’s more appealing is the wooden box that packaged the bottle, a snazzy looking one isn’t it?

Be like water

Legends never die. I really have to take my hat off some of the legends that once rock the world. Personally, I am a big fan of Bruce Lee and pretty much without a doubt, there’s a good chance that you would find his fan base to be very alarming as well. Johnny Walker produces good scotch and by making it incline towards the asian culture, it might just help in breaking away their stigma of being an unhealthy liquor from Scotland, they have come up with a video running on a philosophical script, smooth camera work and featuring none other than our idol, the dragon – Bruce Lee.

London’s video effects company, The Mill, assisted in the production with director Joseph Kahn himself to replicate this truly amazing and realistic CGI video of the legend. Bruce Lee is the one and only man to be both philosophical and one to have impress his audience through his movements and gestures. We see him moving around a nice suite, talking about his philosophies and ‘playing’ with water. On a side note, while the video is impressive, we must bear in mind that Lee is not a strong advocate of drinking and that might just anger fans out there who feels this could be an insult to their late idol. Regardless, this is a really smooth and realistic portrayal of Lee and I do hope they would do a CGI movie out of this, and dont you think it would be cool?