Are you watching the world cup?

Everyone’s has their eyes glued onto the world cup right now. Whats unfortunate is that the timings where it is aired is during the day and most people are actually slogging away at work. To make work entertaining, Heineken USA had a brilliant idea. They are proposing American bosses to select one of the games and actually permit their employees to enjoy those matches during work! Check out #BrazilianNoShow challenge. Nuno Teles, CMO of Heinken USA describes that taking part in the challenge might win you an ice cold chilling Heineken.


Terrifying bricks

This is actually pretty cool. Check out this ‘thriller’ that’s fully animated using LEGO bricks. Nice way to animate a scary scene. A new way of viewing movie using unconventional method. We do always need to concur with the conventional way of seeing motion visuals. An innovative approach can be as simple as using just basic subject matter around us.

Funny not really

Selling a product requires not just that convincing part of your pitch, but also a determination to exaggerate or dramatize it. Advertising works in such unique way that it takes both the receiver and the advertiser to ignite that chemistry for an end result. Take this case for example, Aldi, a retail store created amusing commercials with the intention to communicate an invisible hype that everybody in town is blabbering off the staggering deals they are giving off. We see in these two commercials how they bring that point across by foolishly trying to blend that message in any circumstance ever possible. It does seem like the script is pretty phony and the execution appears rather naffed. I think one way to make the series stronger would be to execute a few more scenarios to pull the entire campaign’s concept together. This in my opinion is lacking in creative content and poor illustration of hard-selling advertising.