COBI smart bike

It’s amazing how so many interesting ideas are floating in KickStarter now. Some are really very innovative and seeks to improve our daily routines. Take “COBI” for example, its probably the only smart bike around that allows you to connect with your gadget to configure the bike. It currently has 100 intelligent features to play with. This bike gives us great automation especially when manoeuvring through difficult situations. Check out the video to see how the bike can work closely with the mobile phone for example. See the project here.

Your mood swings

Some might call this a gimmick but I think its a really cool item to have. Known as a Smart Ring, this accessory tracks your mood and feelings. It then converts and displays it, allowing your to further understand your current state of mind and emotions. This is a powerful depiction of your current mood and might just help to get you more aware through adjustments. Started by Finnish company Moodmetric, it intends to read your emotions and transmit the information to your personal smartphone.

What it does is to tap on a biometric sensor that would feel andsense your current feelings and immediately updates your phone through Bluetooth. So you get a better picture of what are your mood graphs in a day. Powerful mechanism to let you understand yourself better and make the necessary adjustments.“It tracks your emotion levels and reactions. It measures the small changes in your skin which come from the autonomous nervous system reactions which can tell you about your emotional state”.

Niina Venho, COO of Moodmetric

Eye check


I refer to a post on digitaltrends with regards to the possibilities of Samsung coming out with a new smartphone incorporating an iris-scanning security feature. Thats what we call future technology! Obviously such feature is what we often see in the movies. As reported, a hint from a tweet published on official Exynos Twitter account gave it away. The image you see a hypothesis of such innovation coming our way. Seriously, what is Apple doing anyway? And to think im actually waiting for the new iPhone! Users are tired of the swiping action, we need something new. Of course im exhilarated by this news, though I do have my own reservations on the feasibility of such features. Remember the last time they implement new awesome features that didnt exactly work like they do on their videos? Apparently some new features from Samsung tends to less useful but technically exciting. The article speculates a possible installation of this interesting feature on the Galaxy Note 4. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at PM 11.53.25galaxys5-2040-8_verge_super_wide galaxys5-2040-16_verge_super_wide GalaxyS5_500_portrait samsunggalaxys5-1020-1-1


I know this should have come much earlier. But the concise article from The Verge gave more insights to the upcoming Samsung S5. We see how important and convenient smart phones are to our social behaviors and remains perpetually integral in our daily routines. Samsung’s S4 had previously drove it’s offering to the stratosphere, leaving little room for its next innovation. While many might think that way, it might not be true. Im an iPhone user but occasionally, I would check out Samsung’s offerings. While there is little adjustment to the facade, the new innovation, S5, boosts a huge repertoire of new functions to woo you over. If being avant garde and living on the edge of technology is something up your alley, then this might just be the phone for you.

We now have a fingerprint scanner as well as several important features like an Android back button and capacitive keys. And I see how the tech giant is trying to move into the health segment by improving its gadgets to incorporate more personalized functions that aims to monitor your health progress. Atop of that, the S5 has attempted to built more functions around its home button too. These include tying up with merchants like Paypal making purchases through fingerprint scanning. Definitely a smartphone worth waiting for isn’t it?

Motorola Moto G

motorola-moto-g-front-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-right-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-back-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-camera-macro-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-front-right-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-top-front-macro-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-backs-610x406-c motorola-moto-g-front-and-bacl-610x406-cmotorola-moto-g-front-left-610x406-c

Smartphones have prove themselves almost as important as water is to our survival on a day to day basis. I cannot for once imagine if I leave home without a tech gadget. Worse, if it was my phone, I would drive back miles to retrieve it. Trust me, how can one possibly leave their door without their phone. Its insane. Ok, I’m sure you get the picture. As much I emphasis the significance of the phone, the huge attention and monetary values we invested in it comes naturally. A lot of us might not consider other brands apart from the current likes of the Apple iPhones or Samsung Notes. The reality is that we actually have a lot more on the table that is available for our selection. And they are no less inferior than your iconic iPhones or Samsung Note 3s. Introducing the Motorola Moto G. Look, I need to be honest, I was looking for a rather cheap phone but yet just as good as the iPhone. As much as I preach my devotion to Apple, I was hunting for a cheaper alternative to substitute as a work phone and I chanced upon the Moto G.

Some might even helm the Motorola Moto G as the new evolution of market-altering smartphone. Why is that so? It comes at a rather affordable price but packed with dynamite specs that makes it so competitive in the current smartphone landscape in Asia. 

“Don’t let the price fool you, this is a well-built phone”

When you price an item at a low cost, humans don’t desire it like they actually want it. We have weird tastes. True enough a good phone that comes with a cheaper tag sounds extremely fishy. Here’s some stuffs to consider if your planning to purchase the Moto G:

• Motorola is currently owned by Google. Which means it gives great user interaction and technology.
• Moto G currently uses Android 4.3 Jelly Bean but will soon be using the new 4.4 KitKat pre-installed. Talking about being stable? Nice.
• Motorola Protect gives you similar if not better features like your Find My iPhone service. When linked to your Google account, allows you own the thief by remotely locating the device, locking the screen and changing passwords.
• Motorola Assist silences your phone, goes into meeting mode or sleeping mode for your own pre-set desires.
• Motorola Migrate allows for a much easier transfer of data from your old phone to the Moto G.
• It also puts iPhone’s well acclaimed Retina Display to shame with it’s screen pixel density of 329ppi, 4.5-inch touchscreen packed with a 1280 x 720 pixel display screen. Waaadaa!
• Of course, the Moto G comes equipped in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400, running at 1.2GHz with a 1GB RAM.
• I think the coolest feature is getting our freedom from the charger BACK. The Moto G is able to multi task a number of apps and features simultaneously without much battery drainage. Absolutely necessary!

Taken from DigitalTrends:


  • An absolute bargain at $180 unconnected
  • Stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean/Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Fast, capable processor
  • 4.5-inch, 720p screen is just about perfect
  • Excellent battery life


  • The camera is basic
  • A choice of 8GB or 16GB of memory
  • No removable battery
  • External speaker has to be cranked up to hear

Please go check this phone out.

Carry mobile food

Hamee-baconegg-iphonecase-620x383 Hamee-Negi-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-negi-iphonecase-inaction-620x383 Hamee-Sanma-iPhonecase-620x383 Hamee-unagi-iphonecase-620x383


I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw these. As we all know, the Japanese people are very highly creative and also extremely innovative. Sometimes they also do have weird tastes when it comes to design. Here are some of the mobile phone casings that I have never seen. They are basically Japanese cuisine smack right on to your phone and made to be carried around. Simple. Straight to the point. Very direct yet very intriguing. What do you think? Cool isn’t it?

iOS7 background pictures

1242xiphone-640x1197 2032xiphone-640x1197 1172xiphone-640x1197 1022xiphone-640x1197 1032xiphone-640x1197 1042xiphone-640x1197 1072xiphone-640x1197 2052xiphone-640x1197 1062xiphone-640x1197 1152xiphone-640x1197

If you haven’t seen the new wallpapers for the iOS 7 yet, here I have picked some of the photos which I think is kinda pretty. Although the iPhone 5S has been getting a lot of trash and negativity, I think it still have it’s beauty which cannot be easily replaced. These are actually pretty lovely system wallpapers. After a short while, you did probably put in your own photos. However, it is still refreshing to put back something original once again.



Nokia is awesome

Once again, CP+B has blessed us with great creative work. What we are seeing here is an ad for Nokia for their new Windows Phone. We see how the agency transforms the competition by bringing it ‘live’. There is some sort of a relevance here. I see a metaphor which kind of describes the competition between brands, being illustrated to life using the example of a concert or recital. Here we see enthusiastic parents desperately struggling to take pictures with their phones. Their frantic moments got worse when their phones limit the kind of photo quality they need, causing them to rush forward and onward to the stage. We see people stomping on one another, people hanging from the top and even some who would dash under the skirt of another. I actually like how CP+B makes the entire commercial rather entertaining and how their copy “Don’t fight. Switch.” makes so much a great example of ditching the competition by switching.

Smart phone please. Not smart man.

Smartphones are supposed to give you information that is deemed relevant to you. There are times when it gets infuriating especially when you need ready information and it is not available. There are also times when it just can’t seem to understand what you need or where you want to go to. Now, if that were to be your private assistant in reality, you would have fired this person. An amusing way of showing how a smartphone can be just as annoying if it was a human. These commercials by advertising Agency: Rothco, Dublin, Ireland for Meteor encourages people to change to a REAL smart phone using a fun and amusing approach. Check out the commercials.

Beautiful music for beautiful people

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Everyone deserves the right to be perfect. We are all perfect in our own ways. Music has always been an integral part of life which brings along joy, peace and love. God gave us the biggest gift ever – Creativity. With that, nothing is impossible. Y&R, Bogota, Colombia, gave hope to deaf people but granting them the opportunity to feel music through an app that would transform song frequencies into vibrations. Thus allowing them to experience music in their very own unique way. As part of an effort to promote Cartagena Music Festival, it was created exclusively to communicate the message that music is for EVERYONE. With the proliferation of mobile apps in the market, there are only so few that are really doing the society a favor. And this app, definitely nail the brief on that. The app transforms the song frequencies into vibrations and allows for deaf people to feel the vibrations, providing an interesting auditory experience. That way, everyone can relish and enjoy music together.