The power of PAPER

Do not underestimate the power of traditional media. If used correctly, the impact it generates can be extremely viral. Honda recently curated this very cool animation which documents their long heritage of innovation. With almost six decades worth of history to cast, the automotive brand calls upon a huge pool of recognised animators to whip out a truly awesome animation comprising copious amount of illustrations. This video project, “Paper”, is the work of 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations being stitched together by stop-motion. It documents the long heritage of Honda by bringing the audience through a journey of their technology and products from the beginning to now. Very captivating.

Check out the making of this video:


Nothing beats sharing happiness. Free booze is definitely one way to deliver that happiness. Check out this billboard from Carlsberg. As simple as one could imagine, it literally offers the public free booze! Bring your own and have it filled to the max! Certainly not the most exciting idea in certain restrictive countries, but for those that worked, the value of excitement is truly unimaginable. Its gonna get busy on the streets for sure!

Line up for Cabs!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.27.35 pm 6b74fb1d.0

In their effort to combat Uber in Japan, the dominating messaging platform Line is coming out with a new service. Their launch of a taxi service within their primary app is evidence that the company is seeking to beef up offerings. The service starts in Tokyo, collaborating with Nihon Kotsu to provide the supply of taxis while Line continues to focus their part on handling the payment platform. Facing direct competition from Uber, it becomes imperative that such initiatives be proposed early to secure market shares. Afterall, Japan needed an app that not only offers better network coverage, but also quicker cabs.

Muscle through

If you have seen previous GoDaddy commercials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing scenes of women in lesser than usual outfits, in rather intimate scenarios. With a promise to cease such content, it’s Bodybuilder ad now features a lot of hardcore beefy and muscular men dashing across the streets towards the spray tan store. Eliminating the load of zany yet sexually implicit ads, it hopes to elevate from a rather low acceptance level. This is just one of the two ads that will be featured during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd. While ads work very well with a significant social attention, the is always a fine balance between notoriety and fame.

More fun filming


Instagram allows it’s users to record videos while still using the filters to change the color and tones of the video clips. Although this is a pretty great feature to incorporate into their recording feature, it has limited capability. Now, there is a new iOS app from Netomat. Spotlilter, allows us to apply more amazing features. Check out the videos above for some of it’s filming features. To add variety to your filming experience, they have got cool stuffs like magnification during filming, freezing a portion of the video or even switching from the foreground to the background camera angles. Of course, not forgetting the mandatory overlay and color correction features that most of us would find it to be extremely useful. We can basically execute these functions by simply pinching, tapping, swiping and all the finger functions available on the iOS platform. Once again, we can have more fun filming with iOS devices!

Golden S4

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at AM 07.29.36 BVADnCTCUAAJBkV

You might be seeing another Gold phone coming up real soon. Shortly after the Apple revealed their gold champagne iPhone, Samsung took a bold step to counter offer it’s consumers with something just as good. Their offer was a new Gold Edition Galaxy S4. Looking at the visual, it does look very exclusive and classy. You can see two options that is available. There is the Golden Pink or the Golden Brown edition both of which Samsung is pushing off at the United Arab Emirates’ social media platforms. From the look of the ads, it seem to be scaled towards the middle east market. One thing to note is that Samsung also has the ability to counter Apple’s marketing efforts. I actually like the Golden Brown Edition and do hope it would make it’s way to Singapore.

Space Instagram

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at AM 11.56.46 Screen shot 2013-09-07 at AM 11.56.54

Instagram users have a reason to rejoice. NASA has official landed on the Instagram space. Now, if you have been following NASA on almost every other platform, you would have realize they set foot on quite a handful of social media. They had Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Finally, they are on Instagram. I have just went over to their space at Instagram and there’s actually quite a few really amazing pictures. We see earth from moon. The view is definitely breathtaking. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE), scheduled to launch, has already gotten four images of the mood. Do check them out. The agency intends to use their account to have images and videos of what they have taken from the moon and space. Im sure NASA has got a ton of totally mind blowing space images to share in their huge archives. Im looking forward to it.

Check out their account here.