Sony TV raises the bar again

Simply brilliant. Sony raises the bar once again since their Bravia TV advertising where they used colorful balls that bounce their way down the streets of a city. That made an impact on how advertising TV sets can be made vividly exciting. This time round, they did it again by offering more than what they have done. Raising their standards, they took 8 million colored petals to a volcano in Costa Rica. The petals represents the 8 million pixels in their new Sony 4K televisions. All these are not enhanced nor created by a computer. They are solely done in natural execution. Completely the real deal. Mad. Awesome. Amazing.

Playstation 4

Ever since I was a boy, I have always relish the feeling of having my own console games. I was a huge fan of Sony’s Playstation console and games. Lately, a lot of gamers can’t wait to get their hands on the new Playstation 4. BBH New York recently worked together with post production company The Mill to create a 90 second spot. A very exciting spot with actor Taylor Handley describing the ‘greatness’ of himself and we see him pull off a series of action-packed scenes. The “Greatness” campaign brings out the champion in a gamer by¬†emphasizing¬†on how good it is to be given god-like powers. The idea is to place the viewers with much more importance and giving them the ownership. A great strategy adopted by BBH with an interesting creative angle.