In your direction

Innovations are happening every SINGLE day. This one interesting creation is no exception. It marks the inauguration of the glass speaker technology. Huh, glass? Yes, Turtle Beach has officially made a technological breakthrough by using glass as a form of speaker to project sound. Using what they term as HyperSound Glass, they are able to project what they label as ‘beams of ultrasound’. I thought this was really cool. Check out the video and see how kickass these tech are. I mean the volume isn’t controlled in the video but it fluctuates according to the direction where it projects to. Still in its infant stage, this prototype is already a very impressive concept. These look like they can sit on my small snazzy TV console and still make a statement. That’s a want.

Mini Boombox not?


I actually liked what I saw. This speaker mimics the design of the Mini Cooper’s side mirrors. In fact, it is exactly the same as what it is on the car itself. iUi design’s new offering, the Mini Cooper Mirror BoomBox looks stunning and I must say, simple yet original. You can’t get any closer to the actual design than this! Colors are available in Union Jack, Grayscale Union Jack and the Checkered Flag, all of which are trademark patterns of Mini. This gadget comes packed with a Bluetooth 3.0 aptX, NFC, rechargeable batteries, voice prompts, an on-board speakerphone as well as a touch screen volume control display on the mirror itself. Seemingly, it also boots a nice 8 watt sound amplifier. Cool. As we move towards a mobile age, gadgets do need to be pretty much adaptable on the repertoire of devices out there in the market. The Mirror Boombox does have an Aux input for hard wire connections that allows you to switch usage between tablets or smartphones. Best of all, this device would definitely not cost an arm and a leg at a decent price of $150. Go grab yours now.