Wheeling the future

NASA continues to produce ground breaking technology. Their new MRV (Modular Robotic Vehicle) prototype boosts the efficiency of standard vehicle manoeuvrability through the use of four liquid-cooled wheel motors. At the same time, its remote controlling features makes the entire driving experience extremely dynamic. Taking on dangerous expeditions require extremely versatile hardware like this. One that is not only able to navigate seamlessly but also able to travel smartly. The video showcases the vehicle’s ability to drift effortlessly, a potential feature to help in negotiating dangerous terrains. NASA made the ride extremely agile by having each of the four wheel to functioning at its own course independently. Another awesome function would be the vehicle’s ability to go driverless. Its remote controlled function allows the expedition teams to rove around many unfamiliar terrains.

Ashes to space


So, here is a rather cool concept: imagine when loved ones pass away, instead of burying them, we send their ashes to space. A recent startup is exactly doing just that. They are making the idea of letting the loved ones becoming that star in the galaxy into a reality. Elysium Space, is a San Francisco company which provide such space memorial services. It is launching it’s business in Japan. Previously, it was reported that they started off in US just months back. For as low as $1990, you can send the ashes of the deceased family member. With plans to having their own spacecraft, ex-NASA engineer as well as founder, CEO Thomas Civeit says it would definitely help them in their operations. As of now, they are currently working together with space transport companies like Space X and sending the ashes from a launch of their spacecraft in Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

There are many options for rocket launch sites but they are typically surrounded by off-limits areas. For our customers who are willing to watch the launch scene, I believe Florida is the best of them.

Disney World is located nearby, where you can visit with your family members after watching the launch. It may be possible to partner with travel agencies to arrange a tour having those destinations.

Space Instagram

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Instagram users have a reason to rejoice. NASA has official landed on the Instagram space. Now, if you have been following NASA on almost every other platform, you would have realize they set foot on quite a handful of social media. They had Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Finally, they are on Instagram. I have just went over to their space at Instagram and there’s actually quite a few really amazing pictures. We see earth from moon. The view is definitely breathtaking. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE), scheduled to launch, has already gotten four images of the mood. Do check them out. The agency intends to use their account to have images and videos of what they have taken from the moon and space. Im sure NASA has got a ton of totally mind blowing space images to share in their huge archives. Im looking forward to it.

Check out their account here.