Everyone wants to protect their loved ones. So why cant we treat others the same? Humans are selfish by nature but this can be changed. Especially when the mistreatment of animals is seen happening everywhere. This video by FAADA, BBDO, Spain, depicts anger when our loved ones are being threatened. Protective parents exercising their rights to shield innocent children from abusive treatments. Stop wild animal abuse. Especially those manipulated for commercial consumptions.

These commercials are fantastic. Very witty dialogue, though I would say mostly were one sided conversations from the spouse of soccer fanatics. I like how the copy blatantly used soccer lingo to communicate essential communication messages to soccer fanatics. The moral of the lesson is, if you want someone to listen to you, you got to talk their lingo. Here, these four commercials nicely demonstrates it. Check out the subtitles if your foreign to spanish language. So, that explains why you really need to start reading more soccer content and that means subscribing to Libero. Nice work from Lola, Lowe & Partners, Madrid, Spain. Classic but amusing indeed!


I know I have been blogging a lot on christmas and how this season gave us so much surprises. Not just the kind of work we see out there, but also stuffs over in the agency that we do to amuse ourselves. Apparently, an idea quite similar to this came by the office a few years ago while I was in Saatchi. We had the opportunity to ‘humiliate’ the client by sending them an eat-your-own-medicine gift. So one of my creatives came out with the idea of having an unbreakable box. One that would irritate the hell out of the receiver. The gist of this entire saga was to basically keep that anticipation so strong you would go miles to crack that box. Only to realize it is just a cheap by the way gift. Of course, I wish that had happened. Now, this case we have here is just way so identical I had to talk about it. Love it. Simply one gift wrapper you just cannot tear it apart! Nice stunt there by Spanish advertising agency, Eureka Global. They are working on the premise that one would grew anticipation the longer it takes to open their christmas gift.



Shine that soccer field

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A truly brilliant idea by Nike to have soccer fields marked by laser beams and projecting it onto the streets of Spain. I particularly love how Nike is taking the game to the streets. It creates a stronger brand presence. Nike had a specially designed van and crane which would help to project the laser soccer court. And the best thing is, you can send your request for their projection through the use of your smartphones. This is definitely an amazing idea as it not only combines the love of the sport with Nike branding, it is also keeps people entertained.


Lemonade, Sir?


In my last post, I mentioned the launch of an outdoor ad by Stella Artois Cidre which is powered by a weather detecting device that triggers the ad when temperature rises. Targeted advertising does in a way, ‘instill need’ for the audience at a more effective pace as compared to traditional advertising. Minute Maid lemonade brand Limon Y Nada just did a promotion with a really awesome idea that allows consumers to purchase the beverage at a lower cost depending on the weather conditions. Giving away discounts is a good way to bring in crowds. The creative idea packs both price points and climate conditions together, giving the ultimate ‘thought’ package to the consumers. Imagine this: the weather is hot and you really need a beverage. You go to the supermarket, and you realize there a couple of drinks on the rack. You then compare them on their price tags, flavors and brand integrity. And then you realize that the price for Minute Maid has gone down. What does it show? It could come across that the brand actually cares. It would also bring about the habit of shopping for the same brand every time the weather turns hot. This would effectively instill the mentality for someone to purchase the advertised drink even though it might be slightly more expensive than the rest on the shelves.

Momentum Madrid, installed 18 vending machines in water and theme parks all over Spain and plans to offer those drinks at a lesser cost whenever the temperature goes up. As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely one way targeted advertising would prove to be even more effective now that it is not only positioning its need at the correct time and location, it also instills and builds a new set of consumer behavior at the same time.