Anki Drive!!!


Most of your might not have heard of them, nor even know of their existence. Anki, a San Francisco startup, has been working in the background, helping us bring robots into our everyday life. Now, they have developed a racing game which is powered by our iPhone. Amazing. With Anki Drive, we now control toy vehicles that resembles our metal die cast toy cars from Hot Wheels. But now these lovely toys come packed with unrivaled technology and artificial intelligence. The end product is an awesome game with lots of challenge and excitement. I believe there is so much potential for us in the future to come. Gamers, rejoice! We have a new evolved sport, where technology meets hobby. The current package, valued at $199, comes with a game mat, two racers, charging pods for the batteries as well as an interesting cleaning kit for the tires. The race allows up to four racers at one go. Each additional racer would cost $69 and right now there are altogether four of them for sale. More are expected to be release. This is so exciting!

What is interesting is that the toys could automatically locate their relative position from the race track at 500 times per second! They provide themselves with the logic and strategy to race ahead of the other racers. At such speed, it is comparable to racing cars dashing at 250 mph! Very impressive! While the racers appear to be lightweight, it is very robust in construction. For example, they are filled with motion sensors as well a rather interesting processing device that would detect the players’ instructions through their iPhones as they played the race. Brilliant technology and work. Looking forward to own one!

The light show

Humans have been constantly innovating and reengineering through consummate researches. One of the things that we could do is to let our past achievements be elevated to the next big thing. Honda made this possible by leveraging on famous F1 driver, Ayrton Senna’s world fastest lap record in Japan. They simulated his speed through the use of music boxes and made a display of lights. This light show was made successful all thanks to Honda’s technology back then. Hence, this has been a great tribute to the driver. We can also understand that it is due to Honda’s technology then that all this is made ever possible. Maybe we should start creating technology like that which would benefit our generations to come.