How many times have you seen Coca-Cola change their can design? Be it the interface graphics or the shape of it’s cans and bottles, it remains one of the most recognized beverage in the world. With their new slimline 250 ml, Coca-Cola has collaborated with Spotify┬áin an effort to bring their consumers the MyCoke trilogy experience all in the name of a healthier soda drink. We are due to see an integrated campaign with TVCs, outdoor as well as social media marketing. Users can also “blipp” the new can for a 3D experience while listening to music tracks via mobile devices as Coca-Cola will be working closely with Blippar. This new can is aiming to bring about not only a newer design but a series of other offerings. It is rather early to judge if this would be a successful campaign albeit the reputation of Coca-Cola. We have seen better campaigns from Coca-Cola which includes the can sharing campaign as well as the closer together campaign by Ogilvy & Mather and I love them. However, I remain skeptical on the results of this marketing effort. What is your take?

curation OVER creation

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It came as no surprise for Flipboard’s increasing success when announced their current user base stands at 50M as compare to the previous record of 20M readers. After all, this new update will see users now able to curate their own content. This is a power tool allowing users now to collate articles they like into this digital magazine layout. On top of that, it is encompassing eCommerce (Etsy) as well as print journalism.

In my opinion, one of the successful factors that made this app great is that it places content generation as well as content ownership. I personally have been trying out the this app and there is a lot more room for improvement. As the music app Spotify runs, it is really a musical version of Flipboard. However, should the integration between both apps happen, it would be groundbreaking. Flipboard is defintely no cookie cutter in the avalanche of apps out there.