I know I have been blogging a lot on christmas and how this season gave us so much surprises. Not just the kind of work we see out there, but also stuffs over in the agency that we do to amuse ourselves. Apparently, an idea quite similar to this came by the office a few years ago while I was in Saatchi. We had the opportunity to ‘humiliate’ the client by sending them an eat-your-own-medicine gift. So one of my creatives came out with the idea of having an unbreakable box. One that would irritate the hell out of the receiver. The gist of this entire saga was to basically keep that anticipation so strong you would go miles to crack that box. Only to realize it is just a cheap by the way gift. Of course, I wish that had happened. Now, this case we have here is just way so identical I had to talk about it. Love it. Simply one gift wrapper you just cannot tear it apart! Nice stunt there by Spanish advertising agency, Eureka Global. They are working on the premise that one would grew anticipation the longer it takes to open their christmas gift.



A roller coaster ride

Carlsberg have been very active in their advertising for the last couple of months and this time round, they did another really crazy stunt. They wanted to give the fans of the Premier League, a taste of what it feels to have a roller coaster ride to the Premier League. In doing so, they actually used a real roller coaster and they had the fans, commentators, players etc to take the ride. As you can see from the video, it turns out to be rather outlandish. However, it is just as crazy as the brand would love to go. It is filmed near Amsterdam at Walibi Flevo, in the Goliath for 2 full days. Awesome.


Strip me ‘naked’

One of the best ways to advertise a product is to show it’s product offering almost at an instant. Best of all, if you could do it “in-the-face”. Literally, The Fuzz Wax Bar team have proven that they got the “balls” to do so. They gave festivalgoers a surprise by sending a male talent all covered with wax-strips walking around asking on goers to tear it off him. Each of these wax-strips were also a coupon! Each strip had a witty yet cheeky copy accompanied by the company logo and details. Upon tearing off all the strips, it would leave the model completely hairless and naked! Interesting way of direct product engagement. Stunts like these provide fun and effective branding.

Fly like a bird

Everyone loves a little magic. Somehow it brings out a little bit of that childhood in them. I still remember the stunts that David Copperfield once did to the Statue of Liberty, the way David Blaine would fool his audience with his tricks and how Criss Angel would actually float across the sky. That said, let’s imagine mixing that kind of stunt with marketing, the results could be overwhelming. Pepsi had recently collaborated with English magician, Dynamo for a public stunt where he would levitate alongside a bus. While doing so, he took live footage from his mobile and that garnered the attention of the public. I must say I am not so much impress by this marketing stunt but it is undoubtedly an effective effort after all. The current youtube views is already at 3 million and going up. There are some debates and conversations over how the stunt was done. Whether or not if Dynamo really used a mechanical arm to connect himself to the bus, it has definitely gotten the social attention it was intended for. That in my opinion, is probably one of the main objectives met. After all, this marketing stunt does bring about some fun.

Here we go!



We see creative work being done all over the world each day with more and more zany ideas coupled with great innovations and technology. How about some really cool outdoor action purely based on an activation stunt? The Bank of Garanti in Turkey has just displayed their take for great creative work with this amazing outdoor stunt. They got a really cool events company, Ikarus Events to launch this campaign. What they did was to eventually fly a solo glider up and rain mini packages of soft cute toys across the city. Daring approach I must say. As much as I can see how the outcome would be, I personally love the way they push the message across. It almost seem like an air ambush but done in the name of fun! As you look up in puzzlement and wonder hard, you then slowly make up of what it is and instantly people rushed towards the free stuffed animals. As the adage goes, seeing is believing.


Are you one of the ladies who often do your makeup while you are driving? People know how dangerous it is to do that, yet they are still doing it. Making this a dangerous habit. Here is a really funny stunt by MINI Mexico. Airbags are placed in toilets beside the mirror where women do their makeup. It then attracts their attention by giving it a nasty explosion! A really cool stunt to pull off but I have to say, I am in doubts with regards to the effectively of the stunt.

Upon explosion, you could then see the message which is printed on the airbag. I believe most people would take a scare, laugh on it and totally forget about it. This execution would have taken quite a bit of social attention online and albeit it’s really cool way of attracting attention, it is in my opinion not effective imprinting the message across. It could have been done in a series of events leading from the cubicles with subtle copy messages before the finale at the mirror. A step by step messaging that leads to final explosion. That way, it tells a complete story and allows for a longer memory hook but yet keeping the surprise element intact.

Heineken you did it!

Oh my, this is so so so Good! I loved how Heineken creates the opportunity for couples to go on to the UEFA cup finals through clever use of retail shopping experience coupled with great consumer engagement. This stunt basically see the males trying to convince their female partners into spending $1899 on two plastic stadium seats in the efforts to win a trip for the UEFA Champion League finals in London. Everything is recorded. For all you know, it is definitely a worth it deal! For me, the icing on the cake is the part where the winner is announced. You get to be on TV with two almost professional looking host reporting your performance. How epic is that huh? Nice work!