Toy Rocket

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Toy company, Goldie Blox’s viral ad has garner a massive amount of traction and for the Super Bowl, it hit a record of 100 million views in the game. Avery interesting video where we see little girls creating this gigantic rocket using their little toys. Check out this amazingly cute video.


Muscle through

If you have seen previous GoDaddy commercials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing scenes of women in lesser than usual outfits, in rather intimate scenarios. With a promise to cease such content, it’s Bodybuilder ad now features a lot of hardcore beefy and muscular men dashing across the streets towards the spray tan store. Eliminating the load of zany yet sexually implicit ads, it hopes to elevate from a rather low acceptance level. This is just one of the two ads that will be featured during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd. While ads work very well with a significant social attention, the is always a fine balance between notoriety and fame.