Jack Sparrow

Things are starting to wind up a bit since my last post on Arnold Schwarzenegger with him meeting fans on the streets. Here, we have a similar stunt but one with a heartwarming agenda. Johnny Depp dresses up as Captain Jack Sparrow visiting the sick children in Brisbane hospital. How much more awesome can it get? If Johnny visits us here in Singapore, it would stir up a storm I guarantee that! He brought smiles and joy to the beautiful children with his very existence and his quirky humour. Aside from the outlandish dressing as Sparrow, his accent and personality as a pirate brought so much imagination to the kids. What a fantastic opportunity for the children and a magnificent act of benevolence.

Every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome

More Budweiser stuffs. 6 million hits and running. I guess the idea of being there for you at the most intimate moments seem all too tempting for any big brand to leverage on. However, in doing so, evading the commercial element of it would seem highly impossible. Here we see a hero returning back to his hometown. He receives a great surprise from everyone back home. While the experience is usually ephemeral, Budweiser attempts to transform this occasion to a joyous one with a huge party installed for LT. Chuck Nadd. “Every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome”. Despite not eluding the fact that it is still a commercial selling beer, the softer side of the story brings us to a level where we question if advertising has an unconventional approach with lesser surfeit of hard selling details. Instead, it might just be more effective where emotions are involved.

Fly me home, British Airways

There are so many people who travel abroad from India for work, study and even settling down in the US. British Airways, an airline with the human touch believes that it is important that nothing should stand between the bonds of families. They started this long-term campaign to tell India Ex-Pats that they should be visiting their Mums soon. The campaign, “It’s time to Visit Mum!” debuted with a rather touching video of a mom who records her account of how she misses her son that is now in America. She cooks his favorite dish and was actually told that someone from British Airways would meet her and bring it to her son in America. That person is none other than her son. It came as a shocking surprise to see her beloved son after 15 years. Indeed, a very touching story that would definitely bring a strong and heavy message across to all the Indian Ex-Pats in the US.