Check my ride!

I have seen engaging billboards that moves and interacts with the public. But this one beats the roaming food trucks or mobile advertising trucks. This is actually one hell of a truck from Kagulu, a Taiwanese company in the automotive business. Their truckĀ parks beside you and scans your vehicle. A huge projection screen then reveals your vehicle’s manufacturing date and its current price! So it either prompts you to change to a new ride or post a positive comment on your current one! While some people might find this a rather sensitive data to reveal, its actually a rather innovative and creative execution. Nice idea but we really do need to consider business practicalities and ground sentiments. With these factored in, it would definitely be a brilliant initiative.

Incredible Latte art

There are several distinct ways that a smaller brand could compete and differentiate itself from the mammoths of it’s category. One of the interesting strategies to adopt would be providing ownership to your consumers. Based in taiwan, small coffee joint, Lets Caffe decided to give their customers the element of surprise by allowing them to customize their lattes with their own desired photos! All you need to do is to upload your pictures onto the Latte Printer and have it done up on your latte as latte art! Smart idea which would in turn generate another opportunity for picture as customers would like to share their newly received latte art again on their social media platforms. Impressive way of marketing their product, making it distinctively unique from their potential competitor brands.