What, Us Worry?



This cover was taken from Bloomberg Businessweek and here we see the 3 main people from Apple. The poster illustrates all three of them having fun, completely unfazed the current situation the company is facing. I have to admit Creative Director Richard Turley did a great cover. I like the way this poster shows all three of them being very casual and how the headline “What, Us Worry?” completely answers all our concerns about the company’s running.


Creative Director: Richard Turley
Design Director: Cynthia Hoffman
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Assistant Creative Director: Tracy Ma
Graphics Director: Jennifer Daniel
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick, Shawn Hasto
Graphics Editors: Evan Applegate, Christopher Nosenzo
Director of Photography: David Carthas
Deputy Photo Editor: Emily Keegin
Photo Editors: Alis Atwell, Meagan Ziegler-Haynes, Donna Cohen, Jamie Goldenberg, Diana Suryakusama
Design Manager: Emily Anton

iPhone 5S

To most of you iPhone followers, tech geeks and Apple haters out there, you know the iPhone 5S is coming. And some of you might have seen this video. The iPhone 5S after Tim Cook’s presentation at a special media event in their head office of Cupertino, California, witnessed a series of imperative changes that should put the iPhone 5S back on the charts. Apart from it’s cheaper offering of the iPhone 5C, the new model retains it’s iconic aesthetics. They have really gone minimal, I doubt anyone could strip the design down to anywhere near it’s current design basics. However, they do have a gold model. In terms of it’s software and hardware, there are impressive enhancements like the biometric fingerprint sensor for the home button which I think it’s really cool. The iPhone 5S comes with a first 64-bit smartphone processor that significantly runs twice the speed of the iPhone 5. It also comes with a dual-LED flash! It is equipped with the usual high-grade aluminum casing but boasts a pixel resolution of 1136 x 640. Nice.

There are silver, gold and “space gray” color options available. Check out our official iPhone 5S picture gallery.

Apple acquires HopStop

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at AM 09.36.30

Ever since I started using IOS Maps, I have gotten myself lost a couple of times and that stopped me from using the unreliable app. While Google maps remain one of the best navigational apps around, Apple is slowly making efforts to improve their own IOS Maps and tweaks to enhance it’s experience. I guess one of the few imperative measures of a successful navigational app is the reliability and user experience. Apple is reportedly buying HopStop, a transit navigation app. This would likely boost their current Maps app for IOS with an offering that it lacks when compared to Google Maps. As HopStop offerings public transit directions in well over 500 cities around the world, it also have options for both IOS and Android. These days it is essential to have both database and technology to be highly sought after. Apple has confirmed that it will be purchasing HopStop but would not elaborate further. At the same time, it is also reported that Apple will be purchasing Locationary, a crowd-sourced location data company. All these acquisitions shall improve and enhance the capability of it’s app. Sometimes you just got to get the right people for the right job and leave it to them to deliver that result. I must say I am giving Apple respect on their effort to make up for their mistakes and their foresight to make pragmatic business acquisitions  Seems like Tim Cook is well on his way to fulfill his promise after his apology a while ago for the bad Maps experience.