Eating LEGOs?

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As much as creativity is concerned, being able to swap a couple of bricks and stacking them up all pretty isn’t going to make much of an impact. What’s really amazing is being able to create and built functionality into LEGO bricks. Especially one that serves to improve your daily routine. AstonishingStudios’s new creation is actually a ‘Cheerios Cereal Maker’. It is powered by the LEGO Mindstorm technology and is able to dispense one bowl of cereal together with milk. Check out the video to see more innovative details about the machine. It can be powered by a two Euro coins. The storage is also highly reloadable with enough space for your spoons and a bottle of milk. Awesome.

LEGO Simpsons house review

Irrevocably, collaborative work between brands with famous cultural icons generates huge waves of success. As we see now, the aggressive strategy adopted by LEGO over the last couple of years, transformed the toy giant into a global phenomenon. Kids and adults go crazy shopping for these bricks and as the wave of popularity rises once again, LEGO began targeting other channels of marketing, including the upcoming LEGO Movie. Today, we have the Simpsons theme on LEGO. Personally, I am a huge fan of Homer Simpson. This combination is almost irrevocable in the context of brand collaboration. The video above showcases the details of the box set where we see in depth visuals and great explanation of the minifigures as well as bricks for the home of the Simpsons. Impeccable details resembling the cartoon, interesting yet compelling marketing efforts by LEGO is pushing the boundaries of these toy bricks into a new global sensation. Respectable.

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Neat 3D artwork

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3D street painting is one of the few environmental artwork approaches that gives off an interesting appeal and refreshes the mundane street scenics at the same time. Especially with good material and content, we can create engaging visuals. Check this awesome 3D painting of a LEGO Terracotta Army by Planet Streetpainting, a collective of street artists which are based in Netherlands. This amazing artwork is done up in the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida for the Pavement Art Through the Ages. Neat stuffs.

LEGO rocks!

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When I first saw this news, I literally jumped. I told myself I wanted this real bad. What can you expect from a LEGO fan whose probably just as hardcore as I would to decorate or ‘pixelize’ my mobile phone? Man, these iPhone casings by Belkin are so badass. They are OFFICIAL licensed casings from LEGO and are fully functional where you can literally stack the bricks and do lots of fun with it. Watching the video made me want to purchase the casing right on the spot! Check it out!

Musical Train

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Nothing beats giving joy to young children and seeing the grin from their faces is extremely rewarding. Brazil-based industrial designer Ricardo Seola has invented a rather interesting toy. Using wooden materials, he made a train set that allow children to create music as they play. Amazingly, the train would educate the young ones about music as they play. He named his creation ‘Sound Track’. It aims to help children get to learn more about music while they are developing their motor skills. Every time the train passes through the teeth of the train tracks, it would produce music. New York based Quirky will be developing, producing and marketing this interesting toy. It is due to launch at the end of the year. Come to think about it, this could also be an ideal direct mailer for a toy retailer isn’t it?

“A toy that allowed children to discover for themselves how music was actually made.”  Seola



Are you a LEGO fan? Apparently LEGO has launched the Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc set. Since I was a little boy, I have always wanted to get my hands on the ancient Vikings ship as well as the kingdom series. Always revel with the building fun of these interesting colorful bricks. Having visited the Art of Brick exhibition in Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore, I am so fascinated by how these little building blocks could make ideas turned to life.

Behind every designer at LEGO, there is a story in their work. As far as we could tell based on the video alone, we can see the 3 designers elaborating on their work of the Tower and it is evident they know the story of movie very well. LEGO has worked with great agencies worldwide rolling out very exciting and amazing campaigns. I remembered a LEGO augmented reality work from Miami Ad school. Check out the video below:

Below is a video of the NinjaGo battle iPhone app. I have been actively collecting the Ninjago series too! As a big fan of sensei Wu and the Golden Ninja, collecting the 4 headed dragon is mandatory. Oh it never fails to cheer me up.

The Star Wars Lego series has also been a big hit in the series. There are amazing details and great paint work for the individual LEGO characters. Some of my favorite series includes the Avengers, NinjaGo, CITY, Limited Edition Volkswagen, Space, Pirates of the Carribean and of course Star Wars

Come to think about it, wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to work for or work with the toy maker? I wonder how it is like to be a LEGO designer?