Talk the walk

Couldn’t agree anymore that this is one fxxking brilliant execution! Good work here by Graubünden tourism. I mentioned before a number of times the importance of having an engaging platform to communicate your message and this is clearly another example of how unique stunts can be effectively pulled off. Imagine a talking billboard that corresponds with you LIVE and actually invites you on a trip! Through the use of an interactive screen, Graubünden tourism was able to capture the attention of the public. By having a man in the mountains, they load up a real time camera and had him interact with the public. He invites them to a challenge and the person with the best yodel gets a free ticket to the mountains. Truly amazing.

Coming close to comedy

“Ahahahahaha” was the word I had when I saw this ad. A peculiar way of advertising where the usage of irrelevant yet amusing medium comes to play. What we are seeing here is a promotion for a show and train ticket offering coming from travel agency, Through TBWA\Paris, they launch this weird and engaging campaign. I really love the upskirt and bus stop ads. Check them out. 


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Boy, have I not been blogging a lot lately, my schedule is getting pretty insane. Nonetheless, there is always time for Lego isn’t it? Andrew Whyte, a photographer from UK has been quite popular with his unique photography personality. As he brings along this little Lego minifig, he travels around taking interesting pictures from the perspective of the little man. Calling this Legography, he has spurred the interest of many and even led to the proliferation of Lego minifig photographers riding the waves of his success on social photography sites like Instagram or Facebook.

 “As an exploration of mobile photography, the project was very enlightening and quite liberating — to know I could be just about anywhere and still keep on top of things,” says Whyte. Check out more of his stuffs at  Long Exposures.

Virtual tour of ‘Yourope’

BBH has came out with an excellent interactive Youtube based commercial that allows you to virtually travel like a posh celebrity or as a rugged punk. So as it now seems, advertising has taken on a much more interactive approach with innovative tweaks. Check out this amazing video now.


The random flight

Heineken is one of the few clients out there whom creatives would truly love to get a chance to work on their briefs. It is always an avenue for more creative work to suffice. In the past, we do see lots of highly engaging and amazingly rewarding marketing stunts which they had pulled off. Previous campaigns like the UEFA cup stunt, had pretty much shown how receptive Heineken is to creative work. This time round, they have push that boundary again with another amazing stunt. This has got to be one of the best incentivise stunt I have seen so far for the year. People at JFK were challenged with the option to drop their existing flight plans and head off to another location. The catch here is you cannot decide where you would go. All you need to do is simply press the red button and the board would randomly pick a location for you. Cool idea with an element of surprise. Can Heineken convince you to fly to another promising location? Would you play this Departure Roulette if it comes up to you?

Travel made easy


Blue areas indicated places that are covered by Google Street View


With the help of technology, man has achieved greater heights in their discovery of the world. So many things that were deem impossible is made palatable through technology. Now, we can even travel across Japan from North Hokkaido to Southern Kyushu. The entire journey is about 1500 miles long and if you were to travel by car, that would be at least 30 hours of non-stop driving. No one would possibly want to do that even if you had a choice. Design engineering firm takram have invented a way to allow us to travel across the island by sitting at our desk. And the best thing is, they could do it in less than an hour. The total time require would be about 15mins.

You see, with Google Street View, it is now possible to see or view most of Japan. They realized that most of Japan had now been photographed by Google’s Street View. With the use of Hyperlapse, an open source coding program, they manage to create short animations using frames from Street View. Thus, the team managed to create a program that captures all the frames and piece it up together by animating the entire route from the Northern to the Southern part of Japan. I reckon this is yet another new way of travel. Check out these cool videos.

From Northern to Southern Hokkaido (10 min)

From Northern Honshu to Tokyo (10 min)

From Tokyo to Osaka (15 min)

From Osaka to the Southern tip of Honshu (10 min)

From Northern to Southern Kyushu (9 min)

Fly with that app!

Are you a frequent traveler? If you are one who travels often, then having a mobile app that enables you to evade the turmoils of last minute plane delays, wrong check-in points or hours of boring inflight entertainment would absolutely make your entire flight experience extremely enjoyable. Flying, a mobile app designed to make flight experience more fun and aims to provide entertaining yet useful information pertaining to all your travels.

The app aims to provide users with interesting features like the tracking of your flight schedule, delays, cancellations as well as gate changes. What is most interesting is how it incorporates social media into the entire user experience. It is now possible to share your flight experience, details and status with your friends. That includes the friends who are waiting for you upon your arrival or those sending you off. With cool graphical interfaces and interactive visual elements, the app boosts a very rich design aesthetic.

“Air travel has become cold and impersonal, and we think it’s really important to bring in something that is not only useful but which also helps better the experience,” co-founder tells Co.Design.


On top of all the mentioned features, Flying also has it’s own set of unique “stamps” which aims to simulate real stamps that gets chomped on your passport as you travel. A great way to bring the real life experience online. Apart from all the available features, there is however a lack of interpersonal connectivity with strangers. Assuming you could get to know someone on the same flight as you? Could that possibly spark some kind of romance? Wouldn’t it be great to know who is sitting beside you before you board the plane? And possibly start some form of conversation with the person even before flight day? It would be so much more fun and exciting!