“Let her go.”

A simple idea can spun into numerous creative denominations. Just like how a short and concise message, “Best Buddies”, could leave us in awe. Budweiser’s latest commercial, #BestBuds features a romantic friendship between two lovely animals. We see a little cute puppy getting adopted and how the puppy bids goodbye to the horse in the barn. Again and again, the dog comes back to the horse. Finally, it ends with a really nice heartwarming scene. I shall leave you with suspense, go watch this video.

Muscle through

If you have seen previous GoDaddy commercials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing scenes of women in lesser than usual outfits, in rather intimate scenarios. With a promise to cease such content, it’s Bodybuilder ad now features a lot of hardcore beefy and muscular men dashing across the streets towards the spray tan store. Eliminating the load of zany yet sexually implicit ads, it hopes to elevate from a rather low acceptance level. This is just one of the two ads that will be featured during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd. While ads work very well with a significant social attention, the is always a fine balance between notoriety and fame.

Booking fun

How can one not enjoy the works from Wieden + Kennedy? Check out their recent work for Booking.com. Hilarious yet informative, the copy clearly brings out the true nature of holiday lovers. If this sounds like you, it is time to hit the holiday button! Check out this video and have a good laugh! Yeah!

Watch those spices blow!

I thought this was a fascinating piece of work for Schwartz. Advertising agency, Grey, London did a splendid job arousing taste with visuals. They produced a video with smoothing background music accompanied by mind blowing visual effects of spices exploding upwards out of gunny sacks. Sometimes, the deliberate mismatching of subject matters, e.g: in this case, ‘seeing taste‘ can be conceptually inspiring. Check out this video, “The Sound of Taste” for Schwartz.

Mom song

It cannot get any better than this. Old spice’s recent commercial puts traditional product driven commercials to shame. Simply genius. I like how they make moms go mad over how much their sons mature into sexy men upon their usage of the spray. We see boys turning to men, dating their girlfriends while their moms sit and cry in the background. What entails are scenes of mordant humor with sad pitiful moms in the background blending into funny and awkward positions. Extremely entertaining.

Die Hard for Nissan

You have seen hard hitting movies, the ones resembling another cliche from Die Hard. Some of the most common scenes involves having a briefcase, cars on fire, high speed chasing and rigged cops. We now have a commercial thats not only just that, it is also highly interactive. Nissan has launched a new campaign for the Nissan Rogue, and the video was just thrilling with lots of action and a large involvement from the viewer after the clip ends. You are required to open a briefcase at the end of the video after being redirected to their facebook page. For all you know, you might just stand an opportunity to win yourself a Nissan Rogue. Great advertising effort!

Open the door

What do you see each time you opened your door? I look forward to the shimmering pearl white shelves where all my Lego toys were neatly stacked onto one another. I see loads of toys and minifigures that would filled my heart with so much warmth and joy. Well, my room door is the exit to an arduous day at work.¬†Advertising Agency,¬†Milk, Vilnius, Lithuania¬†did a commercial for IKEA with the message: “Each time I open my door.” Now, that is one powerful message that reminds us intermittently the joy of entering our room, filled with all the things we love. A person’s room represents a lot of who he/she really is. Tapping on this message, the ad projects the message of what to expect whenever you enter your home. Powered by a strong script and beautiful scene transitions, the story for this ad becomes engaging to the audience. Your home is important, for it kept the events and moments that happened throughout our life. We see in the ad a man opening the door, only to remind himself in each phrase of his life, he had a different home where he recalled all the fond memories. Each time he opens the door, he remembers an iconic event or life he went through. The message builds a really good brand relationship as you corresponds what you see at home to the items you placed in it. IKEA wanted us to remember that our home is who we are, what we want to see and how we want to it. Depending on you, your door to home could be a lovely one.

The real deal

Okay, I am pretty sure by now, the discerning ones who paved through youtube and other notable social medias would have seen the video by Van Damme who did this killer split for Volvo. Heres the video:

See, this video has garnered enough online traction and wouldn’t be NEW news now. The 63 million viewers is a significant army to justify his charm and effectivity of this viral stunt. Now, imagine we have someone who is slightly older and still having that same charm but one with an even more epic stunt. Check this:

Seeing Chuck Norris in this stance with a tree of troopers balancing on top of his head is SICK! Great video from Delov Digital, an advertising agency from Hungary. Well, what’s the message? Merry Christmas, people. Hah!


“Merry Christmas.”, says Apple. Now, don’t expect that to be communicated across so easily if its gonna be good work. Because, to do good work, you need a little twist to that one simple message. Apple’s new christmas commercial seem to have moved the hearts of most people. Their inaugural campaigns has seen the tech giant making a comeback as compared to it’s sluggish performance earlier on. The theme of their latest commercial, “Misunderstood”, tells the story of a lonely boy who goes through christmas in a big family. Like most of us, christmas is a big thing and being dejected certainly isn’t fun at all. We see the boy pretty much focused on his mobile phone 24/7 with little participation or none at all while the family is in the midst of preparing and celebrating the winter. Just before you could judge the outcome, the boy switches on the tv and a video was played. Turns out he was filming the entire family event all along! The scenes were very heart warming. Check out both videos. Apple’s previous commercial on the ipad Air revealed it’s intentions at the end of the commercial and as always, this does seem to be one of it’s trademark in their recent commercials. This commercial is no doubt one of the most heartfelt commercials this winter.

Range Rover – Scent

The Land Rover brand is becoming a big hit amongst many youths these days who aspires to take on the off road experience. The Range Rover, however, is a modern luxury SUV with off road features. With the vehicle’s sexy facade and it’s powerful engine, it is easily one of the most adored ride for city cruising. Check out Y&R, USA’s recent TV commercial for the Range Rover. We see a man returning a scarf he found with the help of his ride and pet dog, to this lovely lady. A simple advertisement that brings about the car and the lifestyle it entails.