The future the way we want it

I have my fair share of appreciation for such videos which portray technology and its benefits. As much as I like how Fisher Price is embracing this full fledge, there is a chasm we need to bridge when we show ‘the future’ to ‘the present’. Before we embark on this fantasy ride, there are several factors we need to work out. The logic is simple: how then could technology helped us to improve our lives? heck, even to help us complete our parenting roles? This video illustrates engaging graphics coming to life and interacting with both parents and child. We also see how the alarm clock snoozing came into effect with just a simple hand gesture. While working out some concepts for my clients before, I remembered a particular case where I had to provide directions for a rather futuristic video. I cringed at the fact that people are dashing into this whole technology craze. But as I soon realised, there is an emerging need for brands to be seen as forward thinking. Innovative. Rather, LOOKING innovative. It well positions them as leaders in their field, giving them an added edge against their competitors. Branding and marketing has become significantly crucial as we progress into a tech-civilisation. I still appreciate what Fisher-Price had done here. Its just that sometimes its all about the goal rather than the objective isn’t it?

Christmas biscuits

I see this technique used very often. Immersing the audience in an unforgettable experience and pulling them out to reality. Most often seen in Wieden + Kennedy’s commercials, McVitie’s ‘Christmas Choir’ by Grey showcases the family enjoying these delightful biscuits akin to them surrounded by lovely pets. Sweet TV commercial.


Don’t you just love ads that aims to bring on more laughter and less of the hard selling product driving mundane? BBDO, USA did these commercials for Snickers for their bite sized Snickers. The idea was simple. Basically, it is the why-didn’t-I-think-of-it formula, leading to a retrospective from the past. We see possible causes to why a simple idea like this wasn’t implemented. Both commercials illustrates hilarious outcomes as to why this had happen. Check them out. These days, fun-vertising simply garner a lot more attention than traditional advertising – great copy with nice visuals.

These commercials are fantastic. Very witty dialogue, though I would say mostly were one sided conversations from the spouse of soccer fanatics. I like how the copy blatantly used soccer lingo to communicate essential communication messages to soccer fanatics. The moral of the lesson is, if you want someone to listen to you, you got to talk their lingo. Here, these four commercials nicely demonstrates it. Check out the subtitles if your foreign to spanish language. So, that explains why you really need to start reading more soccer content and that means subscribing to Libero. Nice work from Lola, Lowe & Partners, Madrid, Spain. Classic but amusing indeed!

Singing chickens

I actually pretty much love most of the work that was produced from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, USA. They have consistently been doing really great work. Check these commercials out. They created a series of these commercials for Foster Farms. With the message, “Amazing Chickens”, they literally gave the chickens a hero role of being the main vocals in all their commercials. They have got songs from Human League, ToTo and even Night Ranger. Pretty goofy and impactful at the same time.

Wieden+Kennedy has once again created a series of really amazing commercials for deodorant brand, Old Spice. I wont be surprised to see humor and great amusement when I see their work. This time round, they had new faces from America’s NFL League as casts for their ads. With the idea and message of ‘Unnecessary Freshness’, they manage to pull off a series of rather odd and funny situations with the stars somewhat fantasizing themselves in. Really funny and zany.

Smart phone please. Not smart man.

Smartphones are supposed to give you information that is deemed relevant to you. There are times when it gets infuriating especially when you need ready information and it is not available. There are also times when it just can’t seem to understand what you need or where you want to go to. Now, if that were to be your private assistant in reality, you would have fired this person. An amusing way of showing how a smartphone can be just as annoying if it was a human. These commercials by advertising Agency: Rothco, Dublin, Ireland for Meteor encourages people to change to a REAL smart phone using a fun and amusing approach. Check out the commercials.

What’s your Tabitat?

The demand for tablets continue to soar as it thrives to be the most commonly used mobile devices. Thus, replacing a bigger market share of mobile devices like laptops. And, it is not surprising that big brands like Samsung is one of the brand influencers behind the powering of this wave. Cheil Canada, the advertising arm for Samsung in canada has recently done up a series of TV commercials for the Galaxy Tab 3. With a campaign strap-line that is both personal and catchy, “What’s Your Tabitat?” It places a lot of attention on how you and your device relate to one another within your own very personal space.  An interesting angle of positioning the device making it so personal you almost felt like it is an integral part of your daily arsenal for work or leisure. We see a pattern in all three commercials with the voiceover character literally exposing his cover together with the filming crew as they blunder into the lives of the casts. This amusing intrusion of privacy makes you want to own that personal space even more. Smart as you would say, but I highly doubt if most of the viewers would think or would react to the message the way it was planned. Again, short commercials really need to push forward a strong message in a quick and crisp way. Especially, if you have a strong product positioning. Make sure your audience would grasp the idea in a split second. Otherwise, it’s the remote control “kick” thats coming.

I will do this… for Aids.

In Singapore, the Aids awareness is not as pervasive as western countries. People couldn’t care much less about Aids. In fact, I haven’t really seen any brilliant campaigns that could engage people here to make their first move to participate in events and activities for Aids. On the other hand, here in this commercial we understand that majority of people globally does care about Aids and will do almost anything to make a statement. I guess the efforts to push for Aids awareness is just not enough in Singapore. Well, as you can see from this commercial for Scotiabank, they are making things really easy and simple. Cutting down the layers of nonsense they see out there, a simple action is all it needs to prove your statement against Aids. In the video, we see people shaving, keeping a ponytail, wearing stuffs or even bizarre ideas like flying, just in an effort to create their statement on Aids. Scotiabank really just believe that you can improve the lives of those plagued by HIV/AIDS simply through walking and effectively making a donation. This amusing commercial is a great example that through humor we can create simple and effective messaging.