Move it, fatty.

So true. Nowadays the only way to get the attention of your viewers is to place their interest before your message. Technically, humans are very subjective animals who always place their attention on the things they like or enjoy the most. I like how Leandro Bonfim illustrates the idea with strong visuals, or rather, visuals that are compelling to couch potatoes who are so used to their TV programs! Print is still a prevalent media to communicate with our viewers.

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Every Single Day


Under Armour produces some of the most durable yet comfortable sports apparels. Their campaigns and ads features famous sportsmen and celebrities all the time. I remembered back in my university days, we had to study Under Armour and how it strategically expand its business through innovation and branding. A company robust in not just its internal processes but determined in marketing with a vision. Their current campaign by Droga5, the “Rule Yourself Campaign”, features Tom Brady in his relentless spirit to be the best. Brady is probably one of the finest specimen who showed great talent from where he was to a four-time Super Bowl champion. I like how the advertisement showed Brady repeating “Every single day”, focusing on the importance of building your success bit by bit towards your eventual goal. Very cool ad.

GE powered Star Enterprise

Not only am I a star wars fan, I am also a Star Trek fan! Interestingly, GE, General Electric toyed with the idea of using the Star Trek movie as a layer to spin off their branding. They used a really classic scene from the epic Star Trek movie where the ship is getting under powered and really in need of an energy boost. We then see one of the crew members optimizing the engine through the use of a GE product. Very cool. Have a look and see how you feel.

Abraham Lincoln

An interesting campaign featuring a small plastic miniature of Abraham Lincoln taking on new heights. The Illinois office of Tourism, combined forces with advertising agency JWT Chicago to launch this new campaign. Also known as “Mini Abe”, the figurine is seen doing a lot of things and enjoying himself really well. Check it out. It can be quite amusing.

Start Something New

IKEA’s new TV spot features a rather odd but adorable old man who is sick and tired of his mundane lifestyle and decides to go on an adventure rather than sitting around feeding birds. The TV sport entitled ‘Start Something New’  features him traveling across the world, gaining new experiences and through different cultures. Boy, he really did enjoyed himself. Check out the video.

The protein fight club

Milk ads could be rather mundane if there isn’t a certain amount of humor or creativity injected into it. Advertising Agency: Deutsch, New York, USA, came out with a series of amusing commercials for Milk. The ‘Protein Fight Club’ basically aims to tell the audience that in most scenarios the food we eat aren’t really providing us the optimal amount of protein that we think it should be. In all the 3 videos, we see how milk basically champions the comparisons with ease. I love how they make the unhealthy food suffer and bringing across the message that we shouldn’t be expecting protein from junk food. Amusing and entertaining.

Awaken your soul

These days more and more automobile commercials are trying to break the norm of showing just a car right smack in the face with some really cliche catchy copy. At the same time there are also commercials which are way too over the top. They do not deliver the product message clearly and communicates the products facts that are not entirely true. KIA has done a commercial that is actually quite beautiful. Publicidad Tere Suarez, Puerto Rico, the advertising agency which did this commercial for the KIA Soul had one message in mind – Awaken Your Soul. We see the vehicle brisk through the jungle effortlessly and quietly. Slowly awakening the living souls hiding within the forest. A tad mystical yet coupled with true elements of nature. This commercial is both pleasing to the eye and showcases the product features.

I will do this… for Aids.

In Singapore, the Aids awareness is not as pervasive as western countries. People couldn’t care much less about Aids. In fact, I haven’t really seen any brilliant campaigns that could engage people here to make their first move to participate in events and activities for Aids. On the other hand, here in this commercial we understand that majority of people globally does care about Aids and will do almost anything to make a statement. I guess the efforts to push for Aids awareness is just not enough in Singapore. Well, as you can see from this commercial for Scotiabank, they are making things really easy and simple. Cutting down the layers of nonsense they see out there, a simple action is all it needs to prove your statement against Aids. In the video, we see people shaving, keeping a ponytail, wearing stuffs or even bizarre ideas like flying, just in an effort to create their statement on Aids. Scotiabank really just believe that you can improve the lives of those plagued by HIV/AIDS simply through walking and effectively making a donation. This amusing commercial is a great example that through humor we can create simple and effective messaging.

Off that endorsing machine

Most people would instantly switch their mind off the moment commercials start hitting their screens. Commercials to them is an instant interruption. What we really want to do these days is to get them out of this paradigm. Of course, celebrity endorsements are by now, ranked the most utterly trashed way of product marketing. They get paid lots of money to say awesome things that really doesn’t appear so. Footlocker wants to make sure that their spokesperson, NBS player Blake Griffin, make it a point to say the truth. And that is how truly kick-ass Footlocker is. In addition to that, Blake also talks about how the brand actually make him shine at his best. Check out the amusing approach BBDO New York adopted for this commercial. Great job.