Distance makes the heart grow fonder

They say distance makes your heart grow fonder. Now, with technology and simple photography we can keep the distance nearer. A campaign by Pereira & O’Dell for Skype addressed this by working together with Singaporean photographer and visual artist John Clang. They produced 3 short films with John’s ‘projected’ portraits based on the message – “Stay Together”. It enables families to be photographed together, fulfilling the dreams of most of them. These video spots were shot and directed by Station collective Peking. Check out these touching videos.




I had a good laugh when I saw the ads by BBH London for the British soft drink brand, Tango. They are known as the ‘AAARGH’ ads. What you do see in all the 3 executions is the reaction of the person after gulping down the soft drink. Some times a simple yet exaggerating execution could result in a rather memorable ad. However, the results could be dicey if the creative work is not well managed. This tv spot is short and sweet with a highly impactful effect simply illustrated by those exaggerated expressions. This is great work produced without being encumbered by any stale traditional advertising formula. I like it.

Talk to that remote

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at PM 03.04.11

Source: http://bit.ly/10DsLRJ

With the trend moving towards voice recognition these days, Google is making great progress embedding this technology in most of its products. Voice recognition is very much used in a lot of products these days including auto car in built systems and not to mention that Google’s Chrome browser also has voice support ability. This provide convenience as well as ease of use.