Off that endorsing machine

Most people would instantly switch their mind off the moment commercials start hitting their screens. Commercials to them is an instant interruption. What we really want to do these days is to get them out of this paradigm. Of course, celebrity endorsements are by now, ranked the most utterly trashed way of product marketing. They get paid lots of money to say awesome things that really doesn’t appear so. Footlocker wants to make sure that their spokesperson, NBS player Blake Griffin, make it a point to say the truth. And that is how truly kick-ass Footlocker is. In addition to that, Blake also talks about how the brand actually make him shine at his best. Check out the amusing approach BBDO New York adopted for this commercial. Great job.

Not your everyday family car

Advertising has evolved to meet our ambitious behaviors and consumption. One of the formulas commonly adopted in advertising is the dramatizing of the product proposition. While the proliferation of crappy ads done in bad taste has choked the media often, there are some who make dramas seem so smooth. SKODA has recently did this commercial which evidently displays their Octavia vRS as one family car with a difference. And a massive difference we are talking about here. We literally witness the idea of how “even a bad ass would envy” theme come to life here. While the car cruises down the road, a series of dramatic events unfold one after another. By capturing the facial expressions of each individual and their reaction upon seeing the car, it is undoubtedly one attention seeker.

“The new more powerful Octavia vRS. It’s not your everyday family car.”

Thats a standard product benefit pack with a twist. And we can clearly see it in the commercial. Nowadays automobile commercials are starting to get more interesting.

The burger options

Advertisements on TV can be disruptive and irritating to some viewers. So, if you do not have one that is funny and that it leads the viewer to ponder by getting their curiosity aroused, then chances are, the remote’s going to switch you off. These ads by Steak ‘n Shake is amusing and features the story of two phony casts displaying their love for the burgers. Featuring both the teacher and his disciple, the video talks about the perfect balance while the other shows the numerous options. I particularly love how they showed the story in a quirky and amusing way. Check them out.

Funny not really

Selling a product requires not just that convincing part of your pitch, but also a determination to exaggerate or dramatize it. Advertising works in such unique way that it takes both the receiver and the advertiser to ignite that chemistry for an end result. Take this case for example, Aldi, a retail store created amusing commercials with the intention to communicate an invisible hype that everybody in town is blabbering off the staggering deals they are giving off. We see in these two commercials how they bring that point across by foolishly trying to blend that message in any circumstance ever possible. It does seem like the script is pretty phony and the execution appears rather naffed. I think one way to make the series stronger would be to execute a few more scenarios to pull the entire campaign’s concept together. This in my opinion is lacking in creative content and poor illustration of hard-selling advertising.

What kind of car is that?

Sometimes we come out with great strategies that overpowers the creative aspect of our work. When such a situation happens, a creative piece of work turns out to be less humorous nor unique but somehow it manages to grasp the marketing objective so tightly that it comes across as a hard selling effort with some “by-the-way” fun in it.   We see the new Hyundai Equus commercial with a great insight – “What kind of car is that?” As the vehicle glides through town, we see curious faces probing that iconic question repeatedly. We even had babies pointing at it. While this remains a very tactical insight to promote the new car, it is somewhat lacking in it’s creative execution. Something funnier or even something less direct might make the ad a bit more compelling. What do you think?

Is your eyes playing tricks on you?

There were the times when you saw something but you actually did not, and thought your imagination or eyes are playing tricks on you. Now, what if that is true and this liberal act of fooling people’s eyes is all in the name of fun and surprise? Orange mobile, has launch a series of interesting outdoors, bringing that surprise element to the public. All these surprises with the effort to convey the message that Orange delivers bespoke services for your mobile bills when you travel. Check out my favorite among the four, the art gallery one. Below, are the rest of the campaign. Nice effort by advertising agency, Publicis for Orange Mobile.



Be like water

Legends never die. I really have to take my hat off some of the legends that once rock the world. Personally, I am a big fan of Bruce Lee and pretty much without a doubt, there’s a good chance that you would find his fan base to be very alarming as well. Johnny Walker produces good scotch and by making it incline towards the asian culture, it might just help in breaking away their stigma of being an unhealthy liquor from Scotland, they have come up with a video running on a philosophical script, smooth camera work and featuring none other than our idol, the dragon – Bruce Lee.

London’s video effects company, The Mill, assisted in the production with director Joseph Kahn himself to replicate this truly amazing and realistic CGI video of the legend. Bruce Lee is the one and only man to be both philosophical and one to have impress his audience through his movements and gestures. We see him moving around a nice suite, talking about his philosophies and ‘playing’ with water. On a side note, while the video is impressive, we must bear in mind that Lee is not a strong advocate of drinking and that might just anger fans out there who feels this could be an insult to their late idol. Regardless, this is a really smooth and realistic portrayal of Lee and I do hope they would do a CGI movie out of this, and dont you think it would be cool?