Eye check


I refer to a post on digitaltrends with regards to the possibilities of Samsung coming out with a new smartphone incorporating an iris-scanning security feature. Thats what we call future technology! Obviously such feature is what we often see in the movies. As reported, a hint from a tweet published on official Exynos Twitter account gave it away. The image you see a hypothesis of such innovation coming our way. Seriously, what is Apple doing anyway? And to think im actually waiting for the new iPhone! Users are tired of the swiping action, we need something new. Of course im exhilarated by this news, though I do have my own reservations on the feasibility of such features. Remember the last time they implement new awesome features that didnt exactly work like they do on their videos? Apparently some new features from Samsung tends to less useful but technically exciting. The article speculates a possible installation of this interesting feature on the Galaxy Note 4. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


Facebook ‘ReShare’?

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at AM 11.29.25


To recreate success is to recreate innovation. I have always believe that some of these social media giants like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest have the most leading example of all time. But to share the technology between one another would be ultimate. While Facebook has got it’s predominantly used function, the timeline is one that allows us to read news feed, share them as well as comment on them. Of course, another integral part of our daily routine is to ‘retweet’ them. Yes, Facebook has decided to have that function on their timeline. While it is similar in a way to the Share button, the new ReShare button allows quick sharing simply by tapping once on it. That makes it easier for one to execute this activity. It is crucial to understand one singular click is definitely more compelling than two. Do you think the ReShare button is necessary?


Tweeting bra

Nothing is far fetched in the world of creativity and technology (even if it is, in this case). It is undoubtedly true that social media has totally integrated into our lives and for most people, a large chunk of their time is spent engaging with their friends and colleagues on social sites. Twitter is one of the platforms that offers regular feeds on a almost real time basis. Leveraging on such a fantastic mechanism, a new idea is born. One that does mankind a favor, a benefit. Now, women tend to neglect their breast screening routines and how could they be given a gentle reminder? The best time of the day to remind them of the appointment is the time when they unhook their bra. Every time the bra is unhooked, it would send a reminder through your cell phone. What happens is, the cell phone would then send the signal to the server and then a tweet is generated. One of it’s kind, the tweeting bra is an idea that has never been done before. So now women can be gently reminded of their monthly breast examination. A nice and thoughtful idea.

Embbed postings

embed-this-post-970x0 screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-4-38-34-pm-625x1000 screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-4-37-51-pm-625x1000


Looking at the huge amount of social media platforms out there in the digital landscape, one needs to stay competitive to ensure it keeps up with the demands of the consumer again and again. Recently, Facebook announced that it would allow the embedding of posts quite early this month. While this is quite a similar to a step that Twitter has adopted, the social giant is already well on it’s way to make it’s offering just as good. As you can see, a new option is available when you click on the top right hand corner of your post. Just below the report/spam option, there is now an Embbed Post feature. You can now gain access to the codes which you could use by cutting and pasting it to activate the Facebook post. Bear in mind though, the original post needs to be a public post.

Twitter #Music

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Music is an essential part of our daily mobile activities. As demand for music becomes mandatory, the increase in needs for better mobile devices like ear pieces and ear phones becomes an integral part of the mobile offerings. We see that there is both growth in hardware and software as the market booms. Hence, this has led to the music streaming industry’s popularity which is seen leveraging on the concept of music on the go. We see a lot of companies diving into this sector of the business. Twitter, being one of the later few to dwell into this business has been offering quite a bit to stay competitive. However, the Twitter #Music app not only did not make it to stardom, it was soon forgotten, plunging right down the abyss of the App Store. In an attempt to try and push it back into charts again, Twitter is updating the app with a few features. You can now choose from your favorite artist’s top tracks instead of being actually forced to listen to the tracks Twitter deemed suitable from an artist.

Twitter now scans your library of music and lets you see which musicians your favorite artists are following and help you find interesting listening material. This significantly increases listening potential for most users. Also, to add up the interest level even further, Twitter #Music now improve their search results by catering to your needs even further since it now scans your library of music. Phone base scanning has been part of the norm these days and people are getting so used to it that it almost does not strike on them the intrusion of privacy. Well, seems to me that Twitter is really trying to make this app work. I say, why not give this app a try?


Im following you

Have you been ‘followed’ by a car lately? Here is an interesting way of using Twitter to create hype and built awareness. Naturally when you follows someone on Twitter, be expected that the person you are following would check out your profile back. Now, the Volvo XC60 is following not just anyone, they are following influential people. And that brings in a lot more attention than usual. Upon clicking the XC60’s nick, the viewer would see the XC60’s profile page with the message: “Hi, now I’m following you. But don’t worry, I’m equipped with an automatic braking system”. Quite a brilliant and simple idea by BBDO Belgium, that is effective and budget savvy. What do you think?

A new look for Twitter

twitter2twitter8 twitter4 twitter5 twitter6 twitter7


Twitter, one of the world’s top social media platforms has a new refreshed interface. This time by designer Fred Nerby. He released a very interesting interface that is not only engaging but very informative. It answers to our visual photography needs, the constant urge to tweet as well as the graphical impact from the moving imagery and vivid scene transitions. Check out this vimeo video of his work. It is groundbreaking and the art direction is truly amazing. A very impressive experience and design.

Show me only what I want

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at PM 04.50.00


Pinterest being one of the most popular social platforms around has gotten quite a huge following over the last couple of years. Apparently, as they grew in size, the amount of information on the space expands and tend to overload users with too much content. Some of which are relevant while the rest might be just spam content for others. In order to deliver a much more personalized experience, Pinterest is now seeking new ways to do content filtration through some experiments in the coming weeks. Pinterest will now track your web history and then display pins that would interest you while filtering those you might not be interested in. As much as Pinterest is aware that not everyone is cool with the idea of having someone looking at their browsing activity, they respect your privacy by allowing you to skip that with the “Do Not Track” option. While these are functions that social sites like Twitter already has, do you think this is an ideal way to filter content to get users interested?

Is your eyes playing tricks on you?

There were the times when you saw something but you actually did not, and thought your imagination or eyes are playing tricks on you. Now, what if that is true and this liberal act of fooling people’s eyes is all in the name of fun and surprise? Orange mobile, has launch a series of interesting outdoors, bringing that surprise element to the public. All these surprises with the effort to convey the message that Orange delivers bespoke services for your mobile bills when you travel. Check out my favorite among the four, the art gallery one. Below, are the rest of the campaign. Nice effort by advertising agency, Publicis for Orange Mobile.