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PAPress_KeepFresh KeepingFresh-1250x1077

Beautiful. Design design design. I love how these wonderfully designed postcards parade themselves in these compositions. Intrepid design directions give birth to well crafted creative work. Postcards has always been one of the most ideal platform for artists to work on. Have a look at these designs published by Princeton Architectural Press. The article was posted here.




Interestingly, good creative work can be automated and still look compelling. While most of us adore the brilliant works of designers who craft beautiful visuals out of words, many do not know the process of doing so. Typography as this process is called, is one that requires sharp eyes, a creative layout experience and a nice balance in space. Try imaging words as pictures for a start. Not making it too frivolous, one can experiment working with wider white spaces and neater fonts. Be cautious on the use of kerning and lading and achieve great balance between positive and negative space. Now, with Notegraphy, you can forego these tips and immediate craft brilliant typography! Available on mobile and web, this amazing app allows users to create very complex and visually compelling typography. Simply enter the text and select from the templates, a style that suit your liking and preview it! Extremely easy to use and great implementation interface. And it is very much connected to social media. By adding titles, tags and sharing functions, it becomes well integrated with social media. Check it out!

Light Fonts

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I actually like how this font is made. It is really unique and has a irregular form to it. Australian designer Marcus Byrne created this font using just an iPhone and a Canon 5D. Pretty neat work here I must say. He first gets the camera to a 3.5 second exposure, then he make use of his iPhone as the pen to create the letter alphabets in the air. This creates the light which is use to draw the alphabets. You can now download this beautiful font, also known as ‘Phone Streak’ at Dafont.

Berg Mailling corporate literature

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Gotta say I love these collaterals done up for Berg Mailing. They are really simple and clean. If you are a fan of typography, then this is definitely going to appeal to you. Every single piece of flyer is designed to stand on its own with its very unique material and finishing. Check out the gold foil stamping as well as the other techniques which is adopted. Not something I have seen lately. Feels original and one which would appeal to the eyes of the masses.