Uniqlo x Starbucks

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Cross selling marketing has been one of the most used approaches that marries both desires and demands. It creates an opportunity or platform for consumers to engage in the brand together with another brand through an immersive experience. Uniqlo’s recent collaboration with Starbucks can be considered one of the most ingenious strategy. They opened the curtains revealing a mini Starbucks outlet in their flagship New York City outlet. Together with a well furnished second floor which features nice sofas, tables and other furnitures, it contributes to a snazzy interior. Thus, drawing a huge amount of shopper attention. Together with iPad stations, a nice cozy ambience gave shoppers a really cool experience. Check out the art direction, featuring the design of a musesum where there are artwork collections from Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and more.

Mirror Mirror, on the wall…

Sharp Electronics awe us the perks of embracing innovative technology to enhance in-store shopping experience. A nice video here to demonstrate how consumers can now see themselves virtually ‘wearing’ what they may or may not be trying on at the store. The Magic Mirror was developed for UNIQLO clothing stores, empowered by a 60″ High Brightness Professional Display and launched during the Digital Signage Expo 2013. This is yet another innovative approach to further add a little bit of touch to polish up a better shopping experience. Not only does the mirror allow you to take a snapshot of yourself (or what you may be virtually wearing), it also has an accompanying tablet that syncs to your social platforms. As technology advances, we will definitely see our retail shopping behaviors and habits changing.