Mega cool

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What you are seeing here is the Galaxy Mega 6.3. Samsung’s biggest mobile phone device so far. The phone is due to be launch this month in US. With great impressive specs like a 6.3 inch display and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, a 8 megapixel camera as well as the new Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, this is one amazing tech to own. Not forgetting the cool Samsung user interface as well. This phone comes in black and white options. Check out this new phone from Samsung. Will it be an effort to counter offer what Apple is brewing right now?

The Reading ‘Tray’

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Ever thought you could eat while you read your favorite magazine without any crumbles or spills from your morning breakfast? Well, now you can! I spotted a tray that allows you to browse your book and still enjoy your coffee.

Although many people habitually do several tasks at once, they do not realize that they are multitasking”, unless a “mistake” is made. Yuhun Kim.

Designed by South Korean designer Yuhun Kim, known as the The ‘Reading Tray’, this will be part of her ‘Aids for Multi-tasking’ series, aimed to reduce the errors that arise when we multi-task, making the process easier.