Chew chew chew!

Wieden + Kennedy London recently launch a quirky mobile game together with Stride Gum and came up with the game ‘Gumlon’. What’s interesting is how you actually manoveour the character in the game. You are require to chew. Yes, you have to chew and your mouth movements will be deteceted by your phone cameras. This will serve as a navigational and maneuvering tool for Ace, an alien whose goal is to escape from the monters as he travels through space. We have seen many mobile apps that detect eye movement but this app detects your mouth movement. Do you think it is an interesting idea?


Scrabble Time!

Everyone that I know of had played Scrabble and would love this game. If it is simply just the usual word puzzle game with friends, I guess that wouldn’t bring much social attention. Scrabble had recently did this very interesting campaign of getting you to literally win Scrabble time. With Scrabble Wi-Fi, you can challenge the game and stand to win free Wi-Fi minutes at locations where there isn’t any Wi-Fi! Interesting enough Scrabble had several well equipped vans with portable Wi-Fi connections and had them dispersed around Paris to places which people had problems with the internet connections. This is definitely one way to get people to start playing your game! A great idea that adds value to people’s lives at the same time allowing the brand’s presence to grow. Wonderful and creative work here.