Born to trade?

When you bring an activation idea into reality, the effects can sometimes be rather passive. This time round, SGX explores that with a little experiment and to my surprise, the result turn out to be rather interesting. You see people getting approached and they go into a negotiation. Hmm, does this sound like the recent Heineken activation? Well, this time round, its about the last bottle of beer. So long as you bargain your way out for something, you are a born trader. Best of all, this campaign was brought over to Hongkong, Thailand and Malaysia. Check it out!

Nike, you just did it again

I am getting increasingly jealous of the work that Widen + Kennedy is producing. They are not only amazing, they are beautiful and inspiring. Again, more virally impactful work from the agency. This time round, we have NIKE producing a viral video of how they engage athletes to produce their posters. We coordination, anticipation and enthusiasm in the process of how the movement posters were made. All in the factory where there were print presses and sports facilities. This is brilliant work at it’s benchmark again. Check it out.

Be the first to grill it

LIDL, launched a new range of bbq products and it has definitely marketed them with a bang onto the media. They had a live video feed of a bbq. You see lots of meat products being grill and it gets replenished with more. What’s interesting is the fact that you can actually own one simply by ‘grabbing’ it! The first to grab the steak gets it deliver to your doorstep in 45 mins! This idea apparently gotten the attention of the media and went viral. Cool idea.

Pimp my ride!

It is amazing to see new technology and innovations every day. In order to boost their capability of printing on ANY material, Art Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil came out with the idea of printing on cars. As automobiles are generally built and assembled with different materials, it would be the most ideal case for experimenting. We see a van being taken in and sprayed to give it that awesome finish. Art Center launch an ad encouraging people to write in and the lucky ones will get their cars “Pimp Up” the way they want. Check out this cool video of how they pimp the van. They even ran it viral and online. Thus, the results of this integrated campaign is pretty compelling.