Volkswagen microbus

Missing the vintage Volkswagen van?

Well, good news. The Volkswagen microbus is now officially back and should be an excellent option to the van. What’s even more astounding would be the fact that VW is launching it as an electric model!

Check out more of the microbus here:






Parcel right at the door step

You can’t expect anything more crazy than this. A literal yet impactful approach taken by Volkswagen Denmark to introduce the direct sales of cars online. I think the idea of having it so direct creates the powerful message¬†of how easily one can own a Volkswagen. Funny as this stunt might seem to be, it sure delivers a good conversation starter. Das Auto.


BIG BIG thumbs UP to all the kick ass creatives in Ogilvy Beijing. This activation communicated a very important message in one of the most impactful approaches we have seen so far. People tend to be reminded when they are engaged mentally and physically. To a certain extent when an ad results in an action, it gives remembrance. This ad combines emotions and actions. And thats really clever execution. It successfully stunts the audience and captures their attention. Great work for Volkswagen.

Musicians Wanted.

Gosh, I should have seen this coming. It is such a good mix of experiences between what is sheer driving pleasure and maximum entertainment satisfaction. We now have both with the newest Volkswagen GTI campaign. The new experience integrates digital and creativity together as one. Imagine a new way to make music, simply by merging the idea of driving together with music. Of course, we all know that when you drive, you listen to music on the go. Now, you are your own curator of music for your own accordion of tracks in your little car space. Pretty neat isn’t it? The app allows you create music based on the way you drive and it recognizes the behavioral patterns. While the app is yet to be available for download, this leak of a news is one to keep us captivated.

Go park that car!

Volkswagen has always been my preferred mode of transport. As a big fan of the VW brand, one of the few factors for my liking of the brand is mainly the adventurous and creatively inspired branding efforts they have done. Here we see a great example of how they challenged the people to try something zany. Check out the video!

Goodbye, old sport



Havent seen such great creative quality for an ad for a long long while. Reverse advertising can be so impactful when you play your cards well. Have a read at the copy and you would come to realize that it is not only fantastic, it is brilliant in so many ways. The VW Van does create so many memories and now Volkswagen has decided to ‘unlaunch’ it by creating the last of their iconic bus. It will definitely be missed by many of us. Especially those who had great fond memories that were built on with the Volkswagen bus experience. Such a pity but I guess there is a time when even legends need to give it a rest. And the time has come.



Start Stop again?

Following Audi’s Start Stop app to assist phone users to save battery life, Volkswagen has come out with an app that allows user to stop the video they are watching simply by turning their heads away. Video as I have mentioned is probably the most consumed media now so it is not surprising that many advertisers are turning their attention into creating effective campaigns revolving around video platforms online. Of course, following the success of Audi and also taking into account many of the innovative ideas from Samsung’s S4, the technology of stoping and starting videos with head gestures are not anything new either.

Sure, this app sounds cool and feels cool. It would be convenient to have it as it does help. However, I feel the effectiveness of this app is still questionable. I do not think it is justifiable or much necessary to have an app like this. This would be a great idea if it could work harder. What if the app could also serve other purposes through facial gestures? Up the volume through the twitch of your eyebrow? Haha, I think all that would make the app more functional.

Volkswagen side assist

Creatively executed by AlmapBBDO to promote Volkswagen’s side assist feature in their cars. Tapping on the Youtube’s timeline technology which allows users to actually see the incoming frames by hovering your mouse over the bar at the indicated time. This is a good way to bring message across to users by actively getting them to do the action which is simple and easy. It is good to educate your users in a easy and simple manner. This creates a lasting memory for the users to remember your message. Great work by AlmapBBDO to leverage on the respective medium’s technology for it’s advantage to push the messaging across to the online audience. Nice.