Weather app

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at AM 12.39.23 Yahoo_WeatherforAndroid3


When design meets function, it makes a difference. As creatives, we build great ideas and craft excellent experience from our minds, eyes and hands. A nice design would be deemed useless if it doesn’t serve a purpose. The newly redesigned weather app from Yahoo showcases gorgeous design and great usability. Such is the standard of a great app. With the success and popularity of the app, it has attract a lot of similar design interfaces.The design aesthetics are well decorated with background images handled by Flickr, and available across the world. I simply love the design and must say it has somewhat become quite a familiar design language amongst lots of apps now.

Video about yahoo’s acquisition of Summly

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Outstanding App always garners great demand. In this case, Yahoo has just added one more powerful tool to their addenda of great technologies. The most consumable media online are newsworthy content and that makes this app even more valuable. Stripping down to just it’s technology, it is inevitable that Yahoo might be leveraging on this tool for greater purposes.