The fastest click

It has been a while since we witness notable work from Singapore. This one sure has some fun to it. Kinetic Singapore recently developed a youtube commercial which reliefs viewers from pesky sponsored ads on YouTube. The idea here is to challenge viewers against the speed of the new Mini John Cooper by having them hit the skip button as fast as possible. Aligning to the message that the MINI is fast, and at the same time helping viewers to cope with repetitive ad skipping moments. Interesting way to balance between psychological time and objective time. Read more about why performance matters here. So here you go, make objective time less annoying, communicates your clients message and marry them with an interesting yet engaging execution. Nice.

The power of PAPER

Do not underestimate the power of traditional media. If used correctly, the impact it generates can be extremely viral. Honda recently curated this very cool animation which documents their long heritage of innovation. With almost six decades worth of history to cast, the automotive brand calls upon a huge pool of recognised animators to whip out a truly awesome animation comprising copious amount of illustrations. This video project, “Paper”, is the work of 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations being stitched together by stop-motion. It documents the long heritage of Honda by bringing the audience through a journey of their technology and products from the beginning to now. Very captivating.

Check out the making of this video:

Retro Modernism

I loved the 80s. Being born in the 80s meant my early childhood was spend on this really really awesome era where we got nice cartoons, toys, pixelated graphics, cars and lots of crazy stuffs we don’t see these days in the digital age. I still collect vintage toys which reminiscence my time when i was a kid. Nostalgia is definitely one of the emotions that sometimes spun brilliant creative work. Check out SquirrelMonkeyCom and their take for the 80s. They recreated what seem like today’s technology appearing back in the 80s. Oh i love how they crafted these really awesome videos. Check out these videos below to see how today’s Google, Wikipedia, Skype…etc would look like on a 80s operating system!


Virtual tour of ‘Yourope’

BBH has came out with an excellent interactive Youtube based commercial that allows you to virtually travel like a posh celebrity or as a rugged punk. So as it now seems, advertising has taken on a much more interactive approach with innovative tweaks. Check out this amazing video now.


Some things never change

Some things never change. One example is great amazing brands like Coca-Cola. It continues to inspire us and stay as part of our lives, offering that goodness it did back in the 40s. And it still taste just as GOOD. A new commercial by Coca-Cola features life back then and how life is right now. While we see that apart from changes in the clothes we wore, the cars we drive, we also see that there isn’t much change to our lives. At the end, we are still taking that little walk with grandpa down the park while enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. Some thing has never change and will never change.

“Live like grandpa did. Move more, eat well, take it easy”

Legends are dropped!

They say if you want to do great work you got to go to the best agency that does it. Wieden + Kennedy has never fail to deliver brilliant work. Once again, Heinken has did it again with their new video for this time they dropped Mr. Brightside Clint Jacobs from Cape Town into the Polish border. Things cant go anymore crazier with this. What is the point they are trying to make here? Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped. Truly groundbreaking and captivating to see the adventures of Clint. Check all 3 episodes out!

Sex can be this ‘yummy’

Wow, here is a really interesting video that illustrates the statistics and gives you a clearer insight to the differences between REAL sex and PORN sex. The interesting aspect of it is the way the video taps on the use of food to educate and explain their content. Kornhaber Brown, the production studio that delivered this video is known to create powerful videos, web series and motion graphics on YouTube and more. Check out this video and have fun!

Fly like a bird

Everyone loves a little magic. Somehow it brings out a little bit of that childhood in them. I still remember the stunts that David Copperfield once did to the Statue of Liberty, the way David Blaine would fool his audience with his tricks and how Criss Angel would actually float across the sky. That said, let’s imagine mixing that kind of stunt with marketing, the results could be overwhelming. Pepsi had recently collaborated with English magician, Dynamo for a public stunt where he would levitate alongside a bus. While doing so, he took live footage from his mobile and that garnered the attention of the public. I must say I am not so much impress by this marketing stunt but it is undoubtedly an effective effort after all. The current youtube views is already at 3 million and going up. There are some debates and conversations over how the stunt was done. Whether or not if Dynamo really used a mechanical arm to connect himself to the bus, it has definitely gotten the social attention it was intended for. That in my opinion, is probably one of the main objectives met. After all, this marketing stunt does bring about some fun.

Ditch that moment. We got it covered.

I simply love suspense when it comes to tv commercials. That moment of imagination would allow your viewers’ minds to go free and crazy. For Goodness Shake has done up a commercial which is entertaining and hilarious. They emphasize that urge for a really good protein shake and the awkward moment for the silly gesture that follows. Nice way to emphasize how the product would resolve this embarrassing moment. With for goodness shake, its all ‘shaked’ up!

Children FOR SALE

An ad can aim to draw attention by means of the impact it triggers to the end viewer. Sometimes we do not need out of this world visual effects or zany jokes to grab people’s attention. What we can do is really simple: Be truthful and be the bad guy. Show the viewer what the bad guy does in the most crude manner ever possible. Bring these sins to light. An ad campaign by KBS+P for World Vision Canada drives the message that ‘No child should ever be for sale’. They ran the two videos portraying young children as products to be sold using direct response TV style of pitching and this crude way have raise quite a bit of attention. The host of the videos introduces the young children’s name and how much you can drive these children to work long hours with exceptionally low wages. Disgusting as you might think, but I assure you this message is very real. There are many unfortunate children going through this notion.

So, do you think this is a powerful way to convey the message? Feel free to give your comments.