Google x NOOK

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Barnes & Noble, the company that brought you NOOK, the HD tablet gadget that allows us to read ebooks, movies and download android apps is now adding Google Play’s fill complement of videos, music and apps. Of course with such an amazing integration of functions, they would not neglect the addition of the entire suite of possible Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube and the magnificent Chrome browser.

This move allows the NOOK to actually provide users with a more extensive suite of services. With a bigger ecosystem of services, I believe this will generally put a lot of tablets and readers out there to a shame. This small device is pledging a lot with it’s merger with Google. In general, users who are seeking to do most of their reading online now basically have their hands full of other services. It is highly possible that if one were to understand the use and needs of a reader user, the single most important USP would be providing great reading capabilities. However, I believe with technology it is essentially important to understand that users do not want to carry more devices on the go. While given an option of having an awesome reader device and a compact Apple Mac Book Air, I would choose to have one with both gadgets in it.

B&N believes that while Google Play also provides ebooks and digital magazines, it is generally the NOOK shopping experience that attracts the users who essential took up the decision to purchase the device. Amazing theory there which explains truly what an experiential driven approach that B&N has invested all this while.

Will you prefer a Kindle or a NOOK now?

People care about videos

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Brands are experiencing more growth these days by communicating what they would want their consumers to see and understand through smaller bite sized methods. One of the methods that have achieved greater success thus far is the use of animated videos. We all know youtube videos is one of the most consumable media these days and it is a fact that videos gets people interested, curious and fascinated.

Social Media Examiner  reports that 76% of marketers in the States have intention to add videos to their sites in order to attain a level of presence over other aspects of social media. Adam Hudson, CEO of Fire Starter Videos believes that the amazing power about such explainer videos, especially animated ones, is they communicates to the consumers what a company does, very quickly in the shortest period of time. To be honest, I believe he makes a very valid point. In my opinion, I have always advised my clients the importance of telling their audience about them in the shortest period of time. Be as crisp and precise as possible. The rule is keep it simple, funny and engaging. You do not need million dollar budgets or out of this world visuals nor promises that you simple cannot keep. What is needed could be even a simple video with some really funny cartoon characters which might even become an ambassador for your future campaigns!

The efficacy of such videos can’t be denied. In fact research and studies have shown that a vast majority of people would keep up to 68% of the information that is communicated to them from videos rather than just plain text alone. However, keeping retentions high is not the only primary goal for marketers. Animated videos gives you the freedom to change or edit the characters or even have a totally different setting without blowing your marketing budget! Keep this in mind and have a look at how videos could help shape the future of your corporate branding.


PSY you bore me

I am not a fan of PSY nor any of his works but what really stuck my curiosity is the success of his viral music videos.

Gangnam Style is an example of how fast and effective viral communications can spread the word. PSY, the korean singer has shot to stardom based on his ever popular gangnam style. Ever since then he has been riding on this success for quite some time now and he has now announced his second hit, ‘Gentlemen’ as a sequel to Gangnam style. I see a really interesting way of how he brought publicity for himself simply through youtube videos alone. Some of the key factors that differentiates him from cookie cutter singers is that he gives the audience Content, Entertainment and Visuals. Most of the time people are only interested in what benefits them, what amuses them or what deserves their attention. In this case, humor is one of the main point in his music videos. The new video also have PSY making a fool out of people. He pulls the chair off a girl, throws his jacket at someone or even attempt to stall time in the lift by pressing on every floor on the expense of a passenger having a bad stomach ache. In addition to just humor, videos is still one of the most consumable medium to date.