“Window Shopping”

If you never expect window shopping to be as literal as what Kate Spade had done, you are in for a big surprise. Kate Spade had recently tied up with Ebay to launch their weekender line using four digital shopping windows located across lower Manhattan. They had basically created window displays with new products from Kate Spade and a digital touch screen that allows passer-bys to interact and shop from it. You can then have it delivered to your place in one hour. This is a really cool idea that not only allows retailers to save up on having a physical store, it also helps to reduce inventory space and a much easier way to shop for consumers. Upon item arrival, the customer can purchase it using Paypal. Delivery is also free anywhere within Manhattan.

“We’re redefining what it means to window-shop,” says Healey Cypher, head of retail innovation at eBay, which partnered with Kate Spade Saturday on the initiative. “There’s no inventory and no [store associate].”

What we are seeing right here is another example of a good retail strategy that encompasses not just operations alone, it takes into careful consideration the shopping experience from the customers’ point of view. A great shopping experience coupled with efficient delivery right down to your doorstep. This would also mean the customer would now have one less shopping bag to carry around while they continue to brisk through the streets shopping. I hope to see more retailers embracing this innovative concept.


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