Friday beer time


All of us look forward to friday. Nothing beats gulping ice cold beer down the pipe after a frantic week at work. What’s interesting is that I have came out with the idea of a ‘half-time’ beer for a lager client before, and how it would turn consumers into their brands in the different pubs and now, there is a friday beer. Generally, people tend to get influence into doing things when they get it into their system in a rather sub conscious manner. Here is a good example of how UK’s Deskbeers is leveraging on this psychological theory through their offering of local craft beer to offices on every Friday afternoon. They support local brewers by providing companies with great quality drinks and delivering them straight to the door step. The employees get a taste of a new beer every week. It could be ale, lager, stout or even the traditional bitter beer. Making the working environment a little bit more relax, this could actually be a great idea to get the bottles reaching out to the masses.

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