Spongebob Mailpants

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One day my kids will grew up writing to santa every christmas. To encourage kids to start this habit, Nickelodeon collaborated with United States Postal Service to create USPS mailboxes using their favorite cartoon icon(as well as me and my gf’s), Spongebob Squarepants! Oops, in this case, they named it Spongebob Mailpants! They revamped the usual mundane looking mail boxes with nice yellow decals and brighten up the boxes with Spongebob’s trademark smiling face! He even had his pants fitted on. It is interesting seeing how far adults would go to encourage little kids to write letters or send greeting cards. While technology remains vital to innovation and progress in modern society, little kids growing up in our evolving environment should not forget the joy of writing like how we used to before technology was invented. The campaign has since started in all 13 US cities.

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