LEGO Simpsons house review

Irrevocably, collaborative work between brands with famous cultural icons generates huge waves of success. As we see now, the aggressive strategy adopted by LEGO over the last couple of years, transformed the toy giant into a global phenomenon. Kids and adults go crazy shopping for these bricks and as the wave of popularity rises once again, LEGO began targeting other channels of marketing, including the upcoming LEGO Movie. Today, we have the Simpsons theme on LEGO. Personally, I am a huge fan of Homer Simpson. This combination is almost irrevocable in the context of brand collaboration. The video above showcases the details of the box set where we see in depth visuals and great explanation of the minifigures as well as bricks for the home of the Simpsons. Impeccable details resembling the cartoon, interesting yet compelling marketing efforts by LEGO is pushing the boundaries of these toy bricks into a new global sensation. Respectable.

lego-simpsons-house2-620x504-3007268 lego-simpsons-house3-3007269 lego-simpsons-house-3007266 LEGO-Simpsons-3032196 lego-simpsons-house4-3007270

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