Interactive Pizza ordering

It gets a little infuriating when you can’t get dinner served the way you want it. Especially when it comes to pizzas, there are a variety of choices and combinations apart from the standard menu options. For the discerning few, they know their pizza and it is always a matter of striking the balance between offering what’s really good versus what’s really in demand. Fret no more, Pizza Hut has recently surfaced a conceptual ordering system with the help from folks at Chaotic Moon Studios. Check out this video. What you will see is an interesting demo of a couple ordering pizzas from an interactive screen. The entire experience aims to simulate a more engaging experience. You get to choose the exact size of your pizza, meddle with the shape, spoilt yourself with the generous toppings and even enjoy a game or two while you wait for your pizzas! If this is the future, why do we still need waiters?

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